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Suspension Kit by Bilstein

The Bilstein PSS suspension system is the perfect set of suspension components for the serious driver looking for superior handling, control, and smoothness. Your suspension system, which consists of parts like your shocks, springs, struts, control arms, and axle assembly, is responsible for handing the bumps and dips in the road, keeping your tires in good alignment while ensuring that you don't feel the ups and downs. It just makes sense that the best suspension components are going to give you the best ride.

Bilstein is a leader in performance suspension, used in more racing vehicles than any other brand. The PSS suspension system features their sport tuned monotube gas shocks, along with matched lowering springs. These high quality components deliver unrivaled performance, allowing you to take hard corners with ease and experience the smoothest possible ride.

The shocks included with the Bilstein PSS use the largest available piston diameter, which translates to precision control and heightened sensitivity and response. Since they are lighter weight than stock components, the shocks help to reduce wear and tear on your suspension components. This, as well as the more effective heat dissipation of the monotube design, ensures that your PSS suspension system will enjoy a long life.

The Bilstein PSS suspension system comes with aluminum seated, progressive rate coil springs. These springs are matched to the shocks, and allow you to adjust ride height, whether you prefer stock settings or a low and tight performance ride. With the PSS, you can adjust your spring height without removing your suspension for a customized ride any time.

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