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Brian M. Moody

Brian's interests in cars started when he was very young growing up in Southern California. It was the very end of the 60's when muscle cars and drag racing were a huge part of the So. Cal culture. His dad and uncle introduced him to the wonderful world of automobiles through hot-rods and drag-racing, and he never left. To this day, he still looks at cars with the fascination and enthusiasm of a child playing with a new Hot Wheel, and still has a soft spot for '50s and '60s American muscle cars.

Fortunately, in his adult life, Brian has been able to nurture his love of cars and has 7 years of dealership experience to show for his effort. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Television and Film in 1993, Brian worked as a broadcast graphic designer for 5 years prior to making the decision to change his career and pursue work as an automotive journalist full-time. Based in Los Angeles, Brian is a writer for several local, community newspapers.

Brian has a passion for speaking on automotive issues and, since 1998, has contributed reviews of new vehicles, consumer information and occasionally some humor to "The Car Czar" radio program. "The Car Czar" is a call-in radio show hosted by Doug Brauner and airs every Sunday from 7 to 10am on KHTK in Sacramento, California.

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