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While acknowledging certain responsibilities of adulthood and fatherhood, Joel has a wife and teenaged son who aren't certain whether he's 15 or 25. He has been syndicated as half of "The Car Couple" column, and has written for many major automotive and general-interest newspapers, magazines, and web sites.

He raced sports cars and prototypes in the 80s, but retired from sanctioned racing when a significant other asked him why he had to wear a helmet and sign for life insurance at every race. Joel is on the Board of the International Motor Press Association and is an only vice president of the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society.

He longs for reactivation of the Polish Race Drivers Association so he can accomplish something worthwhile in his life. There are six cars in Joel's driveway, one or two which are always for sale; just ask. When his more-responsible persona gains the upper hand, he runs an advertising/marketing/PR consultancy full-time to supplement his journalistic activities.

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