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Michele Brooke

Michele began writing auto reviews in 2001 for a daily newspaper in Louisiana. Up until that time her vehicular knowledge consisted of a 1979 faded blue Toyota Corona handed down from her sister that required 15 minutes of warming up each morning. If she reduced its warm up time, it would consistently rebel and pass out while in drive.

After many mornings of being late for class, it wasnt long before the Corona took its final smoke and sputtered its way through those rusty gates in car heaven. With three years of college left, she inherited her second used auto: a 1991 Mazda B2200 truck. Affectionately dubbed The Red Baron, the Mazda saw her through graduating with a MBA in finance and numerous road trips around the country.

Several years, jumpstarts and trips to the mechanic later, the Red Baron went the way of the Corona. And, just in time as Michele left the financial world for an exciting career in auto journalism. She can now be found tooling around town test-driving new cars; though, every now and then shell spot a red Mazda pickup and smile.

Her auto reviews also appear in local newspapers and the web site

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