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Enjoy correct driving temperature with a new blower motor in place of your beaten stock.
Bet you've thought about your car's air freshener far more often than your car's blower motor-one of those parts that some car owners realize they have only when it has broken down. And what happens when this motor breaks down? Nothing really, except that you might as well put an electric fan in front of your car's air con vent just so cool air would reach the back seat.
Used in vehicles' ventilation system, the AC blower is responsible for circulating the conditioned air inside your vehicle. Without it, you can't expect your ride's air conditioning system to work efficiently. Why? Because the conditioned air doesn't flow with enough force, you won't be able to deflect it in the direction you want. Thus, you only get cool air near the AC vent. Heat in other parts of the cabin would register in the thermostat, which would tell your AC system to work harder and use up more power. So to ensure the longevity of your ride's blower motor, make sure to check it regularly.
Life's too short to spend it fixing your ride's damaged AC blower. But then it's also too short to spend even some of it sweating buckets at your ride's back seat. So find a replacement that's better than what you have. Find a high-quality blower motor coated with corrosion-resistant material for extra protection. And never settle with second-rate auto parts stores. Instead, buy from one that offers low prices, superb quality, and technical assistance.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Blower Motor

    Wonder where the air blowing through your vehicle's air-conditioning (A/C) or heater vents comes from? Well, drawing air into the A/C evaporator or the heater core is the job of the A/C blower motor. This motor is mounted near a set of air control doors; these doors direct airflow either towards the evaporator or the heater core, according to your demands. Once you activate the A/C or heating system, the A/C blower motor immediately gets to work drawing air from outside the vehicle. A clear indication of a faulty A/C blower motor includes no airflow when the blower is turned on. Before this happens, there are usually minor indications such as a blower motor that operates only at some speeds and a noisy blower motor. When a replacement is needed, Auto Parts Deal can give you a topnotch A/C blower motor at the most affordable price.

    • Guarantees reliable performance to make driving as comfortable as possible

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    • Easy to install and easy to maintain