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Blue Print engine is the recommended choice when it comes to driveable and reliable high performance engines.

Blue Print offers custom built crate & stroker performance engines that are always balanced and dyno-tested

Engine parts from Blue Print come with a 30 month or 50,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Blue Print Engines delivers the best custom performance engines for street, show, racing, 4x4 and marine applications.

In life, things are bound to change. Things come and go no matter how hard you try to hold on to them, and that goes for your car as well. But there is a way to hold on to it even if it has already served past its lifetime - a rebuilt engine. It's all as you imagined - an engine which would deliver performance just like in a brand-new car. What you need is the Blue Print Engine Assembly. Painful as it may seem to let go of an old friend, you're actually bringing your car back to life. But this time, it deserves a better engine which can give it a higher level of performance and reliability. With the Blue Print Engine Assembly, you can finally say goodbye to poor performance, poor fuel economy and roadside breakdowns. All its surfaces have been repolished for maximum compression, while every moving part has been upgraded to avoid known failures. And finally, it's been tested thoroughly for oil and coolant leaks to protect it from its worst enemy - overheating. It even has a 30-months/50,000-miles warranty to back you up. So let go of your old, beat-up engine. Your old friend deserves what's best for it. So visit CarParts now and check out the Blue Print Engine Assembly.

Owning a car is, apart from being a life-changing experience, also one of the greatest learning experiences. After all the driving and troubleshooting lessons you've learned through the way, you've become a better owner. Now, the time has come to say goodbye to its old engine and to say hello to a new one - the Blue Print Engine Block. You're now more than ready to give it the care and maintenance your old engine taught you, and in return, it will give your car the kind of performance you've been longing for. With repolished engine surfaces and upgraded parts, this engine package will fulfill the dreams you've always had for your car - at only half the price of repairing your beat-up engine. If you were to go in that direction, you'd have to spend at least five grand for repolishing its surfaces, upgrading its parts and getting it tuned. It'll take quite a while before your car runs again. But with the Blue Print Engine Block, you're set to roll immediately. Just like in a new car, this engine has been tested in the factory for oil and coolant leaks, so there's no fear of overheating. And with its 30-months/50,000-miles warranty, you can put all your old worries aside. It's time to take your driving experience to a whole new level. Check out our Blue Print Engine Block inventory only here in CarParts.