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BMW 318i Parts and BMW 318i Accessories

6 Interesting Facts About The BMW 318i

  • Anybody who is a car enthusiast knows that the BMW 318i, as part of the German company's 3 Series, is the best-selling car model to date. In fact, this compact executive car has sold so much that it encompasses around 30% of BMW's annual total sales, which for a single model is a great feat in itself. Since its 2001 incarnation, it has almost never failed to reach more than 90,000 units sold in the United States alone, peaking in 2007 at 140,000.

  • From the BMW 318i's debut in 1982, it is already making waves in the car industry in terms of overall performance. The vehicle uses a M10 engine, which usually creates a maximum power of 89 hp. However, the company modified this by adding an L-Jetronic fuel injection system, which made the pumping of fuel much more efficient and optimized. This results in an increase of maximum horsepower to 103.

  • The BMW 318i has always been in the spotlight in terms of recognition from numerous groups and award giving bodies. In fact, for over 20 years since 1992, the 318i, along with the whole 3 series, has always been part of the Car and Driver magazine annual Ten Best list. This makes the car model one of the longest-staying entries ever. One of the most important awards is the one from Grassroots Magazine, which considers the car model one of the most important cars built in the last 25 years.

  • An important year for the BMW 318i was 2002, where the car model was reintroduced with changes that brought itself to the modern age. One of its obvious upgrades was its overall look. A new set of tail lights and its front end remodeled made the car a great attraction, especially amongst those looking for a company car.

  • The other important 2002 upgrade of the BMW 318i was its new four-cylinder engine, which added even more horsepower to the vehicle. It also featured a much lesser emission rate and a huge 14% fuel economy improvement.

  • Lastly, in 2005, BMW added shifting paddles on the 318i's steering wheel, which made changing gears much easier and smoother, since all it took now is a simple press of a button.

BMW 318i Articles

  • BMW 318i Common Problems

    The BMW 318i is one of the most sought-after models from the German car company. Companies usually use it as their company car, and as such it needs to be in peak condition at all times. However, not all cars are perfect, the BMW 318i being one of them. As such, problems sometimes do arise during the manufacturing process. If you are a person who is highly considering buying this vehicle, then you should be wary of some of the common problems it encountered during its lifespan:

    Cruise control and throttle cables

    A common problem for the BMW 318i, in particular the models from the 90s, concerns its vehicle speed. There is a possibility that due to dirt, debris, and even natural car vibration, the bushing on the cruise control and throttle cable could suddenly crack. If this occurs, then the broken bushing might suddenly get caught, and the throttle valve could stay open. This results in your vehicle having a much slower deceleration rate and could throw you completely off your guard in estimating distances.

    Over 410,000 units were recalled in 1997 and had a spring steel clip attached to the cable to prevent the bushing from being removed.

    Engine heating

    Another common problem the BMW 318i tends to have is related to its coolant system. Sometimes, one of its components might break, be it the fan belt, thermostat, or water pump. When this happens, the car might start to overheat without you noticing or worse, scalding-hot coolant could leak out from the heater core, possibly harming you or anyone inside the vehicle.

    To solve this, over 340,000 units were recalled in the year 1998 to install a new radiator cap to improve overflow and pressure when temperatures get too high.

    Air bags

    Lastly, driver safety has been a concern for a BMW 318i for a time, specifically the air bags. The contact ring locking tab could suddenly break, which leads to the air bag not deploying if a car crash ever happens.

    In 1996, 75,000 units were recalled and had the locking tab replaced in order to prevent this kind of problem from happening.