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BMW 323i Engine Splash Shield

What to Do with a Problematic Bmw 323i Engine Splash Shield

Driving around with a bare undercarriage is bad for your car's engine. This is the reason why the BMW 323i engine splash shield was designed for your vehicle. As the name suggests, the splash shield protects the underside of your car from water and mud splatter. Because of its function, your car's splash shield suffers from early wear. Here are some issues you need to watch out for on your BMW 323i engine splash shield:

Ill-fitting splash shield

Unlike other vehicle accessories, splash shields are not a one-size-fits-all automobile accouterment. The fit issue you are having may be due to incompatible splash shield installed on your vehicle. The wrong splash shield will not bed in properly on your car. Check your car's requirements in your car manual-it should have the undercarriage specifications that will help you choose which splash shield to get for your car. If you have the right splash shield installed but still can't get it to fit properly, check if the clips are put on properly.

Cracks on the splash shield's surface

Your car's engine splash shield is at an unfortunate location. Road chips, water, and mud can make the splash shield fragile, especially because they're usually made from plastic. Cracks are common occurrences, and while they can certainly be annoying, there is something that you can do to fix the problem. You need to check first how much damage was sustained. If there are only small cracks on the surface, you can easily seal them out with polyester resin. Just make sure to let the seal dry completely before sanding off the surface. However, if the cracks are huge and plenty, you need to have whole splash shield replaced.

Hanging on one side

Road bumps and sharp objects on the road can unfasten your car's splash shield. Those things may cause your splash shield to hang on one side only. If this problem doesn't get fixed immediately, you just might lose the whole splash shield while driving. You can reattach the shield to the vehicle by adjusting the clips that hold the splash shield in place.

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  • Caring for a BMW 323i Engine Splash Shield

    Your BMW 323i engine splash shield protects your car's engine from sustaining damage due to water and splashes. When the engine splash shield becomes damaged, your car's engine is likely to wear down because of corrosion buildup. While driving without a splash shield on your vehicle is possible, you wouldn't want to risk engine damage for the sake of aerodynamics. Here are some tips to follow in caring for your BMW 323i engine splash shield:

    Clean the engine splash shield regularly.

    You clean the body of your car to make it look good. It only makes sense that you do the same for your engine splash shield. Because of its location, your engine splash shield easily traps dirt and mud from everyday use. When mud dries up, it becomes difficult to remove, and your engine splash shield will be heavy with caked-on mud. Regularly cleaning of the splash shield with water and mild car soap should get rid of the nasty muck that has accumulated on the underside of your car. If some of the dirt buildup is difficult to remove, you can use a soft brush to remove gently all the remaining dirt on the splash shield.

    Always check for signs of wear.

    The engine splash shield is usually an install-and-forget kind of accessory. Unfortunately, too much neglect can lead to defects that you're going to be sorry about later on. To prevent spending on an engine splash shield replacement, always inspect the splash shield for any sign of damage. Crouching in front of your car will only show you half the picture-it's better to get halfway underneath your vehicle to see the entire engine splash shield. If you notice any sign of wear (such as cracks or loose parts), fix the defect right away.

    As much as possible, avoid driving over bumpy roads.

    The underside of your car is made of different components that could become broken or dislodged when you drive over bumps. Although this is not always possible, you can still minimize the chances of your engine splash shield coming off accidentally by steering clear of protuberances on the road.