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BMW 323i Window Regulator

When a BMW 323i Window Regulator Nears Its End

No matter the year, make, and model of a car, it seems that window regulators are naturally made with a very short and unpredictable service life. Count the BMW 323i in that list of cars installed with very defective ones. You don't want to end up riding a car with bad windows. It's better that you foresee this happening and be prepared with a replacement on hand. The following are some of the signs that can tell you if the window regulators of your BMW are nearing its end:

Unusual sounds during operation

The only thing you should hear when you activate your car's window regulators is the soft hum of the motor lifting and lowering the piece that supports the glass. Any noise other than this is a sign that you're your regulators are hanging by a thread. Snapping and grinding are some of the common sounds. If you hear a loud clunk or pop when the glass is fully opened and totally down, buy and be ready with a replacement.

Rattling noise when opening or closing the door

Glass windows held properly by the window regulators should stay put for as long as it's installed. If these excessively move and shake every time you open or close the doors, it means their supports are loose. After a few repetitions of operating the door, these braces will snap in a matter of time.

Intermittent window movement

With working regulators, the window should steadily move for as long as you activate it to go up or down. Movement should only stop once you decide to stop it. If what you have are ones that move only for a couple of inches after every few minutes, throw your old regulators and buy new ones.

Off-track windows

Window movement is guided by the rubber rails running on the sides of the window frame. Glasses that are misaligned and running outside of the tracks are a sign of bad regulators. The parts responsible for adjusting height are off center as well. Prolong the situation and this eventually becomes the main reason for having a busted assembly. Off windows are harder to move, and this puts too much stress on the regulators. In time, the extra work will lead to failure.

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  • Avoiding Broken BMW 323i Window Regulators

    Busted window regulators are very common, annoying, and inconvenient problems to have. For something that only serves for an accessory, you'd want these to be the least of your concerns. The ones on the BMW 323i, however, are prone to failure which requires you to dish out some cash for a proper replacement. Fortunately, there are some things that can be done in order for you to delay the need to buy a replacement window regulator. Follow these tips and expect the ones on your Bimmer to last a very long time:

    Carefully operate the windows when it's cold.

    Cold weather can have unfavorable effects on the mechanisms of the window regulators. The parts become brittle and prone to snapping if you're not careful when you use these. As a precaution, be extra careful when you need to adjust the height of the window when it gets chilly. Raise or lower the glasses in short controlled bursts so that you don't aggravate the fragile regulators. This may take longer than if you just carelessly adjusted the windows, but doing this saves you more time and money in the long run because you don't need to replace broken ones.

    Jumpstart windows not used for a long time.

    Jumpstarting means giving the assemblies a jolt of life prior to usage. The regulators may not be as responsive and effective as before due to the long inactivity these had. This may be necessary if you haven't used your windows in a long time. To wake the system, charge the electrical components running to the regulator. Try giving the glasses light nudges as well just to move things around. Doing these lessen the stress on the weak motor.

    Clean the internal parts.

    Dust, dirt, and other impurities can end up inside the window regulators. Overtime, these accumulate up to a point that these negatively affect the performance of the assemblies. It's highly recommended that you remove the door panel to expose the regulators to give the components a good clean.

    Lubricate the rubber runners.

    Windows are guided and stay in place with the help of rubber runners that line the edges of the window frames. Spray some silicone spray on these to give the glass a smooth and flowing surface. The smoother it is; the less stress is placed on the regulators' motor.