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BMW 328I Parts and BMW 328I Accessories

Familiar Follies of the BMW 328i

The famous BMW 3-series debuted more than 30 years ago and has been successful in capturing the hearts of people all over the world. Its impressive list of credentials is highlighted by being BMW's best-selling line up in the United States. It has spawned numerous models to date, including the BMW 328i. The BMW 328i was introduced in 1996. It became the successor of the 325, which was reintroduced as a 323. With a larger and more powerful 2.8 liter inline 6 engine, the 328i dishes out 190hp. Despite its popularity, there have been some unlikely and frequent missteps here and there. These are the things owners or potential owners should look out for in the 328i.

Cooling system

One of the most common problems encountered with the BMW 328i is the failure of its cooling system. Various parts have been verified to fail uncharacteristically at some point in time. One instance that got the most complaints is the lower fan resistor failure. There have been reports of the heater fan being unable to read its speed setting. Another problem like this stems from the fan not able to be turned on and off. The 328i's affected by these are the 1997, 1999 and 2000 models.

In much recent models, vibrations are prevalent due to low Air Conditioning refrigerant. Vibrations start when the AC is switched on and they stop once it is switched off. Technicians have concluded that leaks may have started to appear from AC system. The 2007-2010 models have reportedly had this concern.


In an improbable event, the BMW 328i had been recalled for issues pertaining to safety. The safety gaffe is found within the air bag deployment system and the safety belt tensioner. A connector was improperly installed on the side air bag and belt tension wiring, creating inadequate contact for it to deploy properly. In September 16, 2009, 2,350 recalls began to address the wiring in order to eliminate further risks. It has been one of the most recent high priority recalls in BMW history.


The plastics inside the BMW 328i may experience some morphing. There were some instances of bulging on the dashboard center air vents and the glove box slumps over time.

BMW 328I Articles

  • Common Problems on the BMW 328i

    From the moment it was officially launched in the global market, BMW 328i has continued to draw so much attention from consumers all over the world. It is one of the most popular models in BMW's 3 Series, and was considered as a standard for all compact sports sedans. The 328i also made an impact by being part of the series that gave BMW 40% of its total sales. But despite these accomplishments, the 328i is still susceptible to problems. Here are some of the issues that car owners and interested buyers should take note of:

    Oil leak

    One of the most common issues that owners of the BMW 328i complain about is oil leaks. This becomes such a hassle for a lot of consumers because it causes a lot of problems on the engine. Also, an oil leak increases the risk of fire incidents, especially when they are driving on a hot summer day. Oil leaks are usually manifested by a burning smell in the car or oil drips on the pavement even while the car is parked.


    Constant overheating is also another complain of BMW 328i owners. Quite a few number of 328i owners claim that their cars frequently stall in the middle of the road due to overheating. This causes them to be late on respective appointments such as business meetings and family affairs. People can't seem to understand how the overheating happens because the car is relatively new and the engine is still in good working condition.

    Expensive maintenance

    Many BMW 328i owners also agree that it is very expensive to maintain the vehicle. Aside from the fact that this particular model is pricey, car owners also end up spending more money whenever there is a need for replacements and repairs on some parts. A lot of 328i owners complain that most of the parts are priced quite high considering that they are looking for items that are compatible with their BMW models. Also, most car detailing services are priced higher when dealing with a BMW car, perhaps because of the car brand's unique construction and demanding needs. Those planning to purchase a BMW 328i anytime soon are advised to prepare themselves well for more spending after a few months or years of using the vehicle.

  • Interesting Facts about the BMW 328i

    The 328i belonged to BMW's 3 Series, which included models that make up 40 percent of the brand's total sales from various countries all over the world. It was part of the series' third generation, sold globally from 1992 to 1998.

    The BMW 328i is known to be the standard of all sports sedans when it comes to measurements. But aside from sports cars, the model was also hailed as a benchmark for other popular car models such as the S60, the C-Class, and the Audi A4. It was initially launched as a hybrid of luxury and high-performance cars with the combination of features that are unique in sports cars and touring vehicles.

    BMW also went a notch higher on the 328i with its infotainment system by adding a very innovative in-dash LCD that projects a clear image of the playlist that people are usually trying to browse even while driving. This newly feature allows drivers to use some of the 328i entertainment add-ons without taking their eyes off the road.

    Aside from a top-rate entertainment feature, the BMW 328i also boasts of more luxury features like a top-view camera, active blind spot monitoring, heated steering wheel and rear seats, collision and lane departure warning, keyless-go, and automatic high beams among others.

    The 328i model is known to be among the easiest cars to drive because of its smooth steering and turbo engine. Its overall design is suitable for fast and aggressive driving, which is also one of the reasons why a lot of people are drawn to the model since plenty of consumers are sold to the idea of being able to drive in the fastest way they could nowadays.

    Models from BMW's 3 Series are currently being used by professional racers in various competitions such as the SCCA Pro Racing Speed World Challenge Touring Car Series and the Grand American Road Racing Association, where drivers have been reaping awards over the last couple of years.

    The 3 Series consistently made it to Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 21 consecutive times, from 1992 to 2012. It is the longest running entry on the annual list that ranks various car models based on performance.