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BMW 328i Abs Speed Sensor

Troubleshoot Your Malfunctioning ABS Speed Sensor

Problems with the ABS speed sensor on your BMW 328i will cause you problems when speeding up or decelerating. The speed sensor, after all, is an extension of the vehicle's computer system. A faulty component will produce confusing interpretation of the information it receives and will subsequently shut down all of the car components. Below is a list of tips to help you detect-and solve-the most common problems of a speed sensor.

Cruise control declines

Since the speed sensor works closely with all the other sensors within the engine, the most common critical areas it may affect are the torque converter engagement and the transmission gear shifting. The principle behind this is that the vehicle speed sensor fails to recognize your activity on the gas pedal, so it may not grant you the authority to shift gears. The engine's computer relies heavily on all the sensors to function properly for it to be able to run every mechanism correctly.

Speedometer and odometer won't work

Do you happen to notice if the car's speedometer and odometer stop functioning? This is also one of the tell-tale signs that the speed sensor is faulty. It will also trigger the Check Engine Light and will give out the appropriate codes to tell you what's wrong. The code may either be VSS, 0504, or Automatic Transmission Control Unit to ECU.

An Ohmmeter will tell all

To be very sure that you are indeed going to deal with the vehicle speed sensor for the next couple of days, you can test it using an ohmmeter to check the integrity of the sensor's circuit. If it fails to give out any signs of resistance, then it is very much advised to replace it with a new part.

What to do next?

If you are experiencing both of the problems listed above, it is very definite that the speed sensor is indeed malfunctioning. There is nothing else to do but to go out and purchase a new one. You can install it yourself as well; it will probably take you 15 minutes tops.

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