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BMW 328i Alignment Kit

A Guide to Diagnosing Trouble with Your BMW 328i Alignment Kit

Driving around with your alignment even slightly off has got to be one of the most inconvenient annoying experiences a driver can ever undergo. Combine that with the fact that you know you're driving about it a high-end luxury car that's not supposed to do that, and you'll realize that an alignment kit is a very, very important thing. It's simple enough in concept: the alignment kit allows you to offset the effects of misalignment without necessitating a complete overhaul of your suspension system. This is essentially an affordable, adjustable suspension solution that can readily get you out of that uncomfortable situation. Here are a few things you can use to determine whether your alignment kit is still up to par:

Worse alignment than before

Because of the nature of alignment kits, if they aren't working properly, the first thing that you'll notice is that your alignment problem is actually far worse than it used to be. That's because of the added pressure that the pneumatics place on your suspension system. So, if you install a kit that you've kept in your trunk for a long time, and things do not get better, there's a huge problem with the components of your alignment kit. The first step is obvious enough: take out the installed pneumatic strut immediately. Second, lubricate the strut and test the pressure. If you install it again, and still notice that things are bad, then take it out and just buy a new kit.

Squeaky parts

This is actually a very small symptom that simply points to a lack of lubrication of the strut that comes with the alignment kit. It is a difficult symptom to spot because rarely does the squeaking get heard over the din of the engine-plus it usually only manifests during turns or lane-changes. It's a minor problem but still, you're better off addressing it early on with an application of lubricant or oil along the shaft of the strut. Over time, you see, the continued exposure to friction can cause a breakdown.

BMW 328i Alignment Kit Available Years

  • Tip-Top Tips for Keeping Your BMW 328i Alignment Kit in Tip-Top Shape

    Unless you're the type of person that enjoys having their BMW 318i snaking about uncontrollably on the road, then alignment is a very important consideration. And if you want to always make sure that your alignment is well-adjusted, then an alignment kit is a good investment for you. Now, the great thing about an alignment kit is that it is always on-hand for you to make the necessary adjustments when you need them the most. Otherwise, you can store it away for use at a later time and date. Now, if you want to get the most out of your alignment kit, it's important to take good care of it-here is how you do it:

    Inspect the components constantly.

    The alignment kit is a handy mix of a lot of different components which come together for the sole function of getting your alignment back on track. You have bolts, some washers, and the struts themselves. For the bolts, you need to look at the threading along their bodies. Anything short of an even twist will make them weak-rendering them useless. The washers need to be looked over for rust. Lastly, the struts that are include have to be thoroughly checked for rusting, cracks, bumps, bends, and dings along the length of it. Check the attachment too for any misalignment in the holes, any discrepancies in sizes, or possible signs of weakness in structure.

    Lubricate often, test the pneumatics.

    This bit is specifically for the strut. The strut works to correct misalignment by providing countering pressure via its pneumatic pump. It's important to constantly lubricate the thinner portion of metal that inserts into the pump to reduce friction as well as protect against heat-damage. Testing is done by gently and carefully pushing the pump in. If there is some resistance felt, then your alignment kit's struts are in great shape. If, on the other hand, thing slide in and out far too freely to be stable, then it's not going to do you a lick of good to use the alignment kit for fixing up you BMW 318i's tire alignment.