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BMW 328i Coolantantifreeze

Common Issues that a BMW 328i Coolant Antifreeze Might Have

Cold weather can be your worst enemy when it comes to cars. There are cases of coolant fluid freezing over during a particularly cold spell, and your coolant could've not been spared from it. That's why there's coolant antifreeze-to spare you from suffering the consequences of having a frozen coolant. However, there might be possible problems you have to deal with about this antifreeze solution. What might those problems be, you may ask? Well, read on:

Lower levels of coolant antifreeze

If you're experiencing frequent overheating, it may be that your coolant antifreeze is running low. It might be because that your coolant tank is leaky, or simply you have other problems that caused your engine to overheat, and by connection, your coolant to go low. Other problems which could lead to overheating and lower coolant antifreeze levels could be a defective cooling fan or an exhaust restriction (converter being too plugged, etc.)

Too much antifreeze

If your engine overheats often, especially in hot weather, the problem may also be connected to your coolant antifreeze. An unequal concentration of it will raise its boiling temperature and lower its freezing point. This is usually a good thing for people who use their cars during the cold weather, or in areas where the cold is constant. However, consider this: coolant antifreeze ratio to water should be kept around 65% to 70%. Anything beyond this and it may fail to carry the ideal heat needed for you to avoid having an overheated engine.

Old coolant antifreeze

If you notice signs of wearing out and corrosion in your coolant reservoir and other parts of your engine it's supposed to protect, you should check your coolant antifreeze. it is added for the reason that mixed with it are other protective additives that usually give a ton of benefits to your engine. In most cases, time passes by and even these additives run out. When this happens, it alone cannot save your coolant reservoir and other parts from the usual problems cars face over time.

Other common problems

Aside from regularly checking your coolant antifreeze, you should also check the condition of your coolant antifreeze with a chemical test strip. This is the best way to test alkalinity, a property responsible for the antifreeze's corrosion fighting properties.

BMW 328i Coolantantifreeze Available Years

  • Tips to Ensure Your BMW 328i's Coolant Antifreeze is Doing Its Job

    Ever wondered what keeps your car running at times when the heat outside can be unbearable even for you? This deed is done by your car's coolant antifreeze. The coolant antifreeze of a car is a very important material, as it keeps the temperature in your engine at a right level for it to continue running in spite of extreme temperatures. Aside from that, it also keeps parts of your engine cooled enough to be working properly. That's why you need to pay attention to your coolant antifreeze; without it, everything would heat up, and you'd suffer an overheated engine or a blown one. Here are some ways to keep your coolant antifreeze in safe, operating levels:

    Check for signs of leaks

    Coolant levels need to be kept at proper marks for your engine to run on full capacity. If your engine tends to overheat often , that means there are problems with the level of coolant antifreeze that it uses. Look for signs of damage or leaks in your coolant antifreeze's reservoir, as this is mainly why it runs out. If nothing seems wrong, there might be other causes as to why it runs out. A stuck thermostat or a badly plugged radiator can be suspects for this problem.

    Keep it level at 50/50

    Coolant antifreeze mixes are typically kept at a level of 50% coolant and 50% water. It is kept at this level because too much coolant can fail to keep the heat from affecting the engine. At the same time, too much water in the mix can mean bad news for your car, most especially during the winter season. As a result, it is recommended that you keep your car's fluid levels to a half-half ratio when adding a new fluid.

    Change your coolant antifreeze regularly

    Change your coolant antifreeze regularly is good for your car. Coolant antifreeze is not only meant for cooling your engine and preventing a frozen condition during the winter; it is also meant to keep your engine and other parts from getting corroded. In case you notice that your engine is getting a bit rusty, you should take a look at your coolant antifreeze. Coolant antifreeze that hasn't been changed for some time has the tendency to lose its corrosion fighting properties, resulting in the permeation of rust into the engine.