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BMW 328i Tail Light Assembly

Common Issues of a BMW 328i Tail Light Assembly

Your road visibility at night can be very limited, thus it's of great importance to keep your BMW 328i tail lights in good condition. Normally, your BMW 328i tail light assemblies shouldn't exhibit problems. However, normally doesn't always apply. With that said, below are some common issues that could plague your BMW 328i tail light assemblies.

Dim Tail Lights

Your BMW 328i tail light assembly isn't the problem when you're experiencing dimming with one of the bulbs. Instead, the culprit here is your 328i's electrical system. The system may be burdened with too much work (which can occur when using multiple features of your 328i that require electrical power), thus causing it to supply your tail light assembly with insufficient power. This shouldn't be happening though even if you're using every single feature of your 328i.

Since this issue stems from your electrical system, you should be looking at your car battery or your alternator. Either of the two may already be faulty. Naturally, you'll have to get a replacement for the problematic component.


The bulb on one of your BMW 328i tail light assemblies is flickering? The bulb itself may be a bit loose. See to it that it's securely attached. The flickering should stop once you've done that. If it still hasn't though, the problem may not lie in the bulb but rather in the tail assembly's wiring. Just like in the case of the bulb, some of the wiring may not be properly connected. Fixing this shouldn't be that difficult, of course. However, if there are signs of damage, you'll most likely be left with no other option but to replace the wiring.

Fogged Tail Lights

As you know, a fogged tail light assembly is a safety hazard since fogging can significantly diminish illumination. And if your BMW 328i tail light assembly is fogged, it only means one thing-there's an opening somewhere in there. The assembly may not have been tightly sealed the last time you tinkered with it. There's also the possibility of cracks being present, which may or may not be visible. In any case, you can always wipe off the fogging. But if your assembly is already damaged, it's best to get a new one so that this issue won't come up again in the future.

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  • Maintenance Tips: BMW 328i tail light assembly

    Maintaining your BMW 328i tail light assembly isn't hard work. In fact, all it takes is a bit of time and effort on your part. Below are some of the ways to preserve the condition and the effectiveness of your tail light assembly.

    Always ensure that there are no openings on the tail light assembly

    Openings within your BMW 328i tail light assembly can allow the entry of small debris and moisture. Both of those can of course affect the quality of illumination produced by your tail lights. With that said, always make sure to seal the assembly tightly every time you clean or tinker with it. On top of that, do check for cracks as well.

    Clean fogged tail light lenses

    As you most probably know, fogged tail lights produce substandard illumination. You surely wouldn't want that, thus you should clean your tail light lenses whenever there's fog buildup on them. Toothpaste and a clean rug should do the trick. As a preventive measure against fogging, always make sure that there aren't any openings within your BMW 328i tail light assembly (as said above).

    Make sure that the wiring is properly attached and is in good condition

    The wiring in your BMW 328i tail light assembly can become loose or damaged as time goes by. Whatever the case may be, it isn't good since loose or damaged wiring can disrupt the flow of power towards the tail light bulb (flickering is the result). So yeah, do make sure that the wiring is properly attached and is in good condition. If necessary, replace any damaged wiring.

    Check for signs of wearing out from time to time

    The fact that your BMW 328i tail light assembly is out in the open exposes it to elements such as sunlight, rainwater, and debris. That's why it isn't surprising that it's highly susceptible to wearing out. This is especially true for the lens, which will exhibit discoloration in time and lead to poor illumination. With that said, regularly check the condition of your assembly to know when a replacement for any of its components (or for the whole assembly itself) is necessary.