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BMW 328i Window Regulator

Detecting Signs of a Broken Bmw 328i Window Regulator

Whether you're looking for a sporty car, a luxurious ride, or a vehicle that shows modernity and class, the Bmw 328i easily appeals to your tastes. A ride with a beefy engine encased in a beautiful interior and body truly makes it one of the top sedans in the market. However, this car would've been closer to perfection if not for its problematic window regulators. Countless owners have voiced complaints about failing ones on their Bmw, giving them dead windows. To know if the one on your 328i is currently having the same issue, here are some of the signs of broken window regulators:

Unusual internal noise

When you adjust and move the windows, the most that you should hear is a soft humming sound. This is the noise that the small motor makes to roll the glass up and down. Any other sound is a sign that something is wrong. Press on the button to move the windows and try to listen for any squeaking, chirping, clattering, or grinding noise. If anything unusual is heard, this means that the parts and mechanisms of the window regulators are loose and making unexpected contact with each other. It's only a matter of time before any of these snap and totally fail.

Slow glass movement

Window regulators in good condition are supposed to be able to move at a fair pace. One push or pull of the button and the windows should be adjusted in an instant. However, if it comes to a point when it takes a considerable amount of time to move the windows to your desired setting, the regulator's motor might be having difficulty doing its job. The problem is more serious if this happens when the car is still young, parts are still new, and regular wear-and-tear is still minimal.

Stuttering and skipping windows

Other than the motor, the plastic piece that mainly holds the glass windows can also prematurely break. You can tell if the ones on your car have failed if lowering the glass is smooth, but you have problems raising the glass to close. It may be unresponsive to your pull of the button or, if it does move, it does so in short and intermittent bursts.

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  • Easy Ways to Keep Bmw 328i Window Regulators Rolling

    Multiple units of the Bmw 328i have been victim to the failure of problematic window regulators. What used to be windows that easily glide up and down have become troublesome glass assemblies that are stuck in place, unable to move no matter how hard you press the button. The task of removing busted assemblies and installing new ones is an inconvenience you're better off avoiding. With a few maintenance procedures, you can do a lot to prolong the life of the ones in your Bmw. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your window regulators rolling:

    Pulley and cable care

    The moving pulleys and cables play a big part in the operation of window regulators. These also lose lubrication overtime. In its place is dust and dirt that limit performance. Open your Bmw's door panel to clean these off. After wiping, apply a fair amount of grease. Don't put too much or you might end up with a messy assembly.

    Silicone on rubber

    Put some silicone spray on the rubber runners and seals on which the window glides on. The smoother track makes it easier for the regulators to move the glass up and down. The less stress you put on their motors, the longer these will perform well.

    Proper usage in cold weather

    When it's cold, the motor that's mostly responsible for lifting and lowering the glass needs to pump out more power to compensate for the temperature. Plastics and other cables may also snap because these have become too stiff and brittle. The grease inside also dries up and makes everything more difficult to move. To make things easier, press on the adjuster in short and multiple bursts when using in cold weather. Doing this limits the stress and pressure the regulators are placed under.

    Roller and bushing replacement

    The roller and bushings in window regulator assemblies have a tendency to snap and break as these are used. Inspect the ones on your car every now and then to see if these are still in a condition to work properly. If you see any cracks, tears, or other signs that tell these are on their way to failure, you can get replacement ones from various sources. This is less expensive and easier to do than replacing a complete window regulator.