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BMW 330i Corner Lights

Reasons for Your BMW 330i Corner Lights Failure

Part of what makes your BMW 330i stand out is its corner lights. However, it can't be denied that these lights are held more importantly for the safety it provides than for its aesthetic benefits. Also called as side marker lights, they basically serve as signal lights so that other drivers would know when you are about to turn left or right. These additional lights increase the visibility of your car especially at night, allowing other motorists to spot you easily and avoid accidents. Usually, your BMW 330i corner lights fail due to electrical issues. Here are tips to find out why they malfunction:

Worn-out bulb

You may notice the corner lights to be working intermittently or illuminating poorly. To figure out the cause of this problem, access the bulb and inspect it for damage. If the filament is broken, the bulb is definitely burnt out and needs to be replaced. Also, check the bulb and its socket for corrosion. Depending on the damage, you may choose to clean or replace the bulb and the socket. Be careful when installing a new bulb, though. Be sure not to touch the replacement bulb with your bare hands. Use a cloth in handling it.

Insufficient voltage

Another possible cause of your corner lights malfunction is an inadequate supply of electric current. Test the positive terminal of the bulb socket for low voltage or poor ground. If the power is really low, you would have to trace the wiring and look for fraying or corrosion. Repair or replace the damaged wire as needed.

Connection problems

Sometimes, the issue could be zeroed in on electrical connection problems. Check if everything in the headlight assembly is properly and tightly aligned. Watch out for the bracket holding the harness and the connector because this component can loosen over time. As a result, the headlight assembly, which includes the corner lights, would no longer lock in correctly and connect properly, causing the corner lights to fail. Replace the bracket if it has already worn out and make sure that the corner lights, together with the whole headlight assembly, are fully inserted when you reinstall them.

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  • Caring for Your BMW 330i Corner Lights

    You don't just keep your corner lights in good condition to ensure that your vehicle's exterior features would remain looking good. You need these lights to function well, so you can alert other drivers when you're about to make a turn. Also, they enhance the visibility of your car especially during the night or in low-visibility road condition. These important functions should be enough reason for you to get up and start a maintenance routine for your BMW 330i corner lights. Here are some tips to keep them sufficiently lit:

    Inspect them for cracks.

    Cracks commonly appear on the surface of corner lights due to damage from road debris or oxidation. These cracks should be fixed soon enough before they absorb more dust particles, which could cause discoloration. Also, it is possible for moisture to get into these small holes, damaging not only its surface but its other electrical components as well.

    Restore hazy corner lights.

    Restoring your corner lights until they become clear again is very possible. With a few cleaning materials that would not really cost you a lot, this procedure is sure to be more practical than opting for replacement. You can make use of toothpaste to clear off haze on the lens of your corner lights. Just make sure that you use the regular type of toothpaste, which is known to be effective in removing cloudy film from lenses due to the abrasive particles it contains. Simply rub it over the lens, rinse thoroughly, and polish with a compound.

    Check the electrical components.

    Observe if both corner lights are producing the same level of brightness. If one appears to be dim or malfunctioning, check on the bulb, fuse, and wires. If the bulb appears to be burnt out, replace it. If the light still does not function after a bulb replacement, inspect the fuse for discoloration. If discoloration is apparent, replace the fuse. Then, test the corner light if it has started working already. If not, you would have to check if enough power is flowing through the wiring harness. Replace it if the voltmeter reads insufficient voltage.