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BMW 525 Parts and BMW 525 Accessories

Having a hard time looking for information on the Internet about the BMW 525? I bet you are! That's because the BMW 525 is not a vehicle model of its own. Instead, the BMW 525 is but one of the many trim levels of the BMW 5 Series. Expectedly, the BMW 525 has all the good characteristics present in all other BMW 5 Series vehicles (and probably a little bit more if you'll look into its price).

The BMW 525, strictly the BMW 525i, occupies the lower end of the price range in the German company's fleet of BMW 5 Series cars, which also includes the BMW 530 and the BMW 550. Like all other BMW 5 Series cars, the BMW 525 is a 4-door, rear wheel drive mid-size sedan (although a sports wagon version of the Series is also being sold in the 530 variation). An all-wheel drive version of the trim, the BMW 525xi, is also available for the 2006 model year.

By following BMW's tradition of naming their vehicles with three digit numbers representing the vehicle model and the size of the engine, one may presuppose that the BMW 525 is equipped with a 2.5-liter engine. In truth, however, the vehicle is equipped with a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine with a nominal output of 215 hp and maximum torque of 185 lb-ft. Standard transmission is a 6-speed manual unit, with a 6-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission unit available as option. All other basic BMW 525 parts and components are essentially shared with all the other BMW 5 Series trims.

All things said, the BMW 525 is a genuine BMW 5 Series sedan. The car practically has everything that the many BMW owners have come to love about the 5 Seriesthe good looks, fine road manners and luxurious interiors. If the BMW 525 has anything more to offer, it would be on its extremely attractive price. With the BMW 525, the dream of owning a luxurious BMW 5 Series has just become more realistic.