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BMW 525i Steering Flex Disc

BMW 525i Steering Flex Disc Troubleshooting Tips

You cannot afford to have your BMW 525i run with a bad steering and inconsistent braking, can you? An executive car like yours should always be running smoothly and seamlessly. But did you know that a small component like the steering flex disc, also known as giubo, could greatly affect the way your car moves? Well, now that you know, you should also be aware on how you can diagnose your BMW 525i steering flex disc problems. Here are some of our troubleshooting tips that you can use:

Steering problems

If recently you have been experiencing a hard time in steering your vehicle, you might not know, but a small unit of your steering assembly is causing this problem. Your steering flex disc could already be worn-out that it cannot function properly. This part usually wears out if you usually drive in low speed, since this puts a lot of strain on the disc. You can find this part between the transmission and the drive shaft. Check the condition of the rubber and replace it if already has cracks and the disc is damaged. Otherwise, this could damage the driveshaft center support bearing or even the transmission or differential.

Shaky ride

Some drivers complain about their vehicles as having a 'bumpy ride' most of the time. If you can also recall experiencing a shaky steering wheel and a vibrating vehicle floor, better inspect your steering flex disc for any signs of damage. Most likely, you will find that it is already worn-out, and you have no choice but to replace it. Replacement steering flex discs for BMW 525i are sold individually, so you can replace only the worn-out ones.

Inconsistent braking

Brake problems are indeed alarming, especially if you always drive with your family members along. So if you feel like you've been having difficulty when braking, then you should diagnose where the problem is coming from. A busted steering flex disc could be one of the culprits of inconsistent braking. Since your vehicle becomes shaky, and your wheels have become wobbly, then you might as well check your steering flex disc for any signs of damage. Replace it with a new one immediately if it is already deteriorated.

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  • Four Useful Tips to Maintain Your BMW 525i Steering Flex Disc

    An essential part of the steering assembly like the flex disc should always be kept in good condition. When it becomes worn-out, it could cause steering problems, inconsistent braking, and a shaky ride. But you can do something to keep these from happening. Here are some tips on how you can keep your BMW 525i steering flex disc from premature wear:

    Inspect it for cracks and damage.

    If you have been experiencing problems in steering and braking, or if you have been noticing the awkward vibrations from your vehicle floor and steering wheel, then your steering flex disc could be the culprit. Take time to inspect it once a year or whenever you service your car by checking the rubber and its bolts. If you have to replace it because it is already in the pits, then do so. Early detection of a worn-out flex disc is very important to minimize the problems that you can encounter once it wears out completely.

    Check rubber thickness.

    Since the steering flex disc is mostly made of rubber and steel, always check the condition of the rubber based on its thickness. If you haven't changed your stock steering flex disc ever since, chances are, it is already worn-out and its rubber is already thin. You can no longer repair this, so replacing it with a new one seems to be the only way. Keeping a thin disc could only result in transmission damage.

    Check for signs of corrosion.

    Over time, small components like the steering flex disc can accumulate rust that can cause it to become brittle and break. Again, inspect the steering flex disc for any rust spots especially in the bolts to ensure that it can still perform its function efficiently. Otherwise, it could cause a lot of problems to the various parts of your vehicle.

    Tighten bolts.

    When the bolts of the steering flex disc are loose, they are usually prone to malfunction since the part is not intact. What you can do is tighten loose bolts using a torque wrench; just make sure that you are applying the right torque to avoid over-tightening them.