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BMW 525i Tail Light Assembly

Common Culprits behind Faulty BMW 525i Tail Light Assemblies

Your BMW 525i's tail lights may not be as prominent as your headlights, but they are still essential in your lighting system. You see, the tail light assembly makes it possible for other drivers to recognize your auto. This allows nearby drivers to adjust their distances to avoid a collision. To provide a longer service life, the tail light assembly is engineered with optimum durability. But despite its durability, your tail light assembly is still prone to damage and this may compromise your safety. If you think that the tail lights are no longer serving their function, then better perform some troubleshooting. Check out the following reasons behind tail light defects.

One side fails to work

If you inspect the tail light assembly and find only one of the tail lights to be defective, then the primary culprit to look for is a burned out bulb. With constant use, the bulbs of the tail lights can wear out easily. To check for burnt out bulbs, simply remove the parts and examine if the filaments are broken. Finding one means that you have to buy a tail light replacement.

Multiple tail light failure

A blown fuse causes both of your tail lights to fail at once. Unlike burnt out bulbs that are easily addressed by replacing the tail lights, detecting a blown fuse may require more work. You see, you will need to look for the location of the fuse box. Luckily, the owner's manual should indicate where the fuse box is placed. Simply look for a thin metal strip inside the fuse to diagnose a fuse defect. A good tail light assembly should have a well-conditioned metal strip in order for it to work.

Defective tail lights due to faulty wiring

Once you've checked the bulbs, filaments, and fuses for defects but you find them in good condition, then the reason for the tail light failure is a faulty wiring. When the wires get damaged, loose, or corroded, they will impede the flow of electric current. If you suspect this issue, simply check the wiring and connections if they are secured tightly and are not corroded.

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  • Easy Tips in Keeping Your BMW 525i Tail Light Assembly in Top Condition

    Keeping trailing drivers aware of your vehicle especially in dim-lit areas is made possible with a well maintained tail light assembly. You see, these parts are built to provide an additional safety measure for your auto. They are crafted to resist external elements for a longer service life. Despite this setting, your tail lights are still susceptible to wear and tear. When they exceed their service life, you might find yours and your passenger's safety compromised. If you want to keep your BMW 525i tail light assembly in its best condition, then follow these easy and trouble-free maintenance tips:

    • Wash the tail lights with mild detergent and warm water.
    • Traditional glass cleaners may damage the surface of your car's tail lights, so it is best to use mild detergent and warm water when washing the car. You see, unlike the glass cleaners, mild detergents do not contain alcohol or ammonia, which can cause cracking especially in plastic types. As an alternative, you may also use car wash soap. Fortunately, this can be easily found and bought in auto supply stores.
    • Use only a 100 percent cotton rag when wiping the tail lights.
    • Since the surface of your auto's tail lights are very delicate, even paper towels can cause scratches. So to prevent this from happening, use only 100 percent cotton rags when wiping the tail lights. This soft rag is especially crafted for acrylic and softer plastic types.
    • Use acrylic buffing compound to remove tail light scratches.
    • Removing tail light scratches on your auto is performed with the use of sandpaper and acrylic buffing compound. Deep scratches require the process of sanding. Afterwards, be sure to wipe off any debris with a cotton rag. Once the deep scratches are removed, apply a buffing compound so that any missed scratches are covered.
    • Use a fine-grit sandpaper to address foggy tail lights.
    • Foggy tail lights greatly compromise your safety, so it is crucial that you attend to them immediately. Keep the sandpaper wet while sanding and rinse the lights thoroughly when done. Be careful to not damage your car's paint job. Also, if you want to restore the tail lights' original luster, you may apply polish with a clean towel.