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BMW 528I Parts and BMW 528I Accessories

7 Things You May Not Know about the BMW 528i

  • The name of the 528i sedan is based on BMW's tradition of naming its vehicles with a three-digit number. The first digit, 5, stands for the 528i belonging to the fifth of the New Series cars manufactured by BMW after the V-8 and Isetta era, while the following two digits, 28, stand for the sedan's 2.8-liter straight-six engine. The i on the end, meanwhile, stands for the fuel injection system installed on the 528i.

  • The first generation of the 528i sedan was designed by the famed Italian car designer Marcello Gandini, who also designed the legendary Lamborghini Countach and Lamborghini Miura. Gardini styled the 528i based on the 1970 BMW Garmisch 2002ti Geneva show car.

  • The fourth generation of the 528i is considered to be one of the safest cars on the road in the event of a collision - at least for the brain. In 1999, the International Brain Injury Association gave the 528i and the rest of the BMW 5-Series the honor of being the Safe Car of the Millenium.

  • The fifth-generation 528i is recognized as one of the best-selling BMW models despite the fact that it was highly criticized for its non-traditional design, particularly its Bangle butt rear end, as well as for its interior electronics. The fifth iteration of the 528i generated nearly 20% of the automaker's profits and accounted for 25-30% of sales in the US market, outselling its nearest competitor - Mercedes-Benz E-Class - and becoming the de facto leader of its class.

  • The sixth and latest generation of the BMW 528i sedan is one of the first-production cars to use an engine block made of lightweight composite magnesium/aluminum alloy.

  • BMW has partnered with Google by integrating Google services into the iDrive system on the latest 528i models. 528i drivers can send a destination from the Web directly to the iDrive interface, upload business listings, street addresses, and phone numbers for immediate navigational assistance, and search Google Maps from within the vehicle through the BMW Assist Convenience Plan.

  • A hybrid electric version of the 528i was introduced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The hybrid, named the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid, is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 10% and is scheduled for release somewhere between late 2012 and early 2013.

BMW 528I Articles

  • Common BMW 528i Problems

    The BMW 528i sedan enjoys the same attention to detail and quality that BMW provides to all of its vehicles, but it still does encounter a couple of problems every now and then. That said, here are some common problems 528i owners often encounter with their sedan.


    The valve covers of the 528i tend to leak around the inner and outer gaskets. A leaking outer gasket often leaves a visible trail of oil on the head, while leaks from the inner gasket aren't normally seen until the covers are removed from the engine as the oil usually accumulates in one of the spark plug wells. Once enough oil seeps into the plug well, the plug may short out and cause engine misfires.

    Another common issue with 528i is with the engine thermostat. The thermostat tends to stick open or shut, resulting in either the failure of the engine to achieve full operating temperature or overheating.

    Other engine problems with the 528i also involve the PCV valve and the vacuum plate. The PCV valves on the 5 Series have the highest failure rates compared to other BMW models, leading to rough idling and activation of the Check Engine light. The diaphragm of vacuum plate, on the other hand, also has a high failure rate, leading to rough idling and whistling noises.


    A common problem for 528i model years 1997-2000 is the simultaneous failure of multiple power steering hoses, leading to stiffer steering. This is often due to fluid leaks developing from one or more power steering hoses and damaged or worn-out rack and pinion.


    The tension strut bushings at the front end of the 528i have been known to fail on occasion. These oil-filled rubber bushings weaken and crack over time, leading to a mushy road feel as well as shuddering in the steering wheel and rattling noises under the engine when going over bumps.

    Cooling system

    The water pump and thermostat in 528i sedans, particularly for model years 1995 to 2000, are common failure points. The electronically controlled thermostat is prone to malfunction. It tends to trigger the Check Engine warning light. There have also been cases wherein the thermostat shorted out internally and melted a section of the engine wiring harness.


    The display in the instrument panel is prone to dropping pixels, making it difficult to read out. In addition, when the brake light bulb fails, the dash display in some of 528i models show it as one of the corner lights.