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BMW 528i Headlights

Easy BMW 528i Diagnosis Guide

The headlights of your BMW 528i are important in making sure you stay safe when driving during nighttime. Eventually, as with other car parts, you will have issues regarding those. There are many possible causes when it comes to problems regarding your BMW 528i headlight's ability to illuminate the area. It depends on what kind of problems they are having, thus it is vital that you diagnose the part systematically. Here are the most common problems one might encounter in regards to headlights, as well as their causes and a few quick fixes:

Fogging lights

If you notice that the fixture of your headlight has become clouded, then you should check the lenses. Modern headlights are built using plastics instead of glass like before. Because of this, they could easily be worn down. If this is not remedied quickly, moisture and dirt could build up, which could block the light from going outside. Headlight lens repair kits are very cheap and easy to use, so it is best to get one as soon as this problem comes up.

Dimming lights

For dimming lights, check the alternator if it is broken or not. An alternator that does not work properly will not be able to produce enough power to keep the lights on. The battery will not be charged completely and it will eventually die down. Speaking of batteries, be sure to test it as well. You could get a voltmeter to see if it is doing its job of giving the correct amount of electrical power to the bulbs

Flickering Lights

This can be caused by a lot of factors. The first part to check if this happens is the bulb. A light bulb loosely screwed is a common cause for this kind of problem. All you need to do is to remove it and put it back in a more secured fashion. Do not put too much force into it, else the threads might get damaged and you can't fasten it tightly ever again, forcing you to replace more parts.

If the bulbs are okay, then go inspect the wiring near the headlamp. There is a possibility that it has been loosen, which hinders the flow of electricity towards to bulb. Make the necessary repairs and the flickering should stop.

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  • A Stress-free Guide for BMW 528i Headlights Maintenance

    BMW 528i Headlights are what keep you and other drivers safe when the road becomes too dark for comfort. Their lifespan is not perpetual, however, and you must make an effort into keeping them functioning at their best condition. Little repairs here and there will help your car and your wallet in the long run. For reference, here is a quick and easy maintenance guide:

    Replace in pairs.

    When one of your headlights goes out, always remember to replace both of them. If you change only one of them, the illumination is going to be uneven and you might have a rough time trying to gauge distance.

    Lenses must be clear at all times.

    Keep a constant watch on the clarity of your headlight's lenses. Because today's lenses are made of plastic, there is a high chance that moisture could build up and make the lenses all foggy. Another cause of foggy lenses is dirt and debris managing to get inside. These could hinder the path of light from the bulb, causing to give out less illumination. They could also damage the wirings and even blow up the bulb itself. Buy a headlight restoration kit and use it to clean your headlight lenses properly. The kit is very inexpensive and comes with everything you need. If you can't buy one now, at least wash them with soap and water regularly.

    Constant, correct aim must uphold.

    Blind spots and miscommunications occur when your headlights are at a wrong angle. The other drivers might not realize that you are coming or worse, they might get blinded and cause a car accident, possibly taking you along with it. Activate your headlights at a wall and check if they are still at the right height. If there are any discrepancies, then simply adjust the lenses and the bulb contacts until it is up to manufacturer standards.

    Test brightness in your garage.

    When checking for brightness, take note of the color of the light your headlights create. If it is nice and white, then the bulbs are still okay. However, if it starts to become dull and yellow, then the bulbs are near the end of their life span and you have no choice but to replace them.