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BMW 530i Parts and BMW 530i Accessories

The Two Most Common Gripes with the BMW 530i

There's a very good reason why the BMW 530i has been selling well since its predecessor came out in 1972-it's a really classy and reliable car. In fact, it's only the second best-selling model after the 3-Series-yet it represents a full 50% of the company's profits. That's to be expected, though, from a well-respected brand like BMW with years of experience and world famous German dependability to lean on. As such, you are really hard-pressed to find any fault at all with the car. Still, no ride is ever truly perfect and, however rare they might be, these are the most common complaint people have had with the 530i.

Seat-heater fuse blows

This problem is something that owners of the 2002 edition of the BMW 530i experience. The driver-side seat-heater constantly blows fuses installed. The heating itself works fine, and it's just the fuse that is at fault. It is a rare occurrence with only a few instances recorded. The fault seems to be with the control motor of the heating pad mounted at the lower back of the seat-a short in the circuit causes the problem to repeat itself many times.

No recall orders were issued as it is exceedingly rare. Unless your BMW is still under service warranty, the replacement of the motor has to be undertaken by the owner. It's not an expensive replacement, and one that is easy enough to do on your own.

Persistent air bag warning light

Manifesting in the 2004 edition of the BMW 530i, this problem has to do with the fact that the warning lights tends to illuminate-and stay on-with no apparent cause. Some have reported that this occurs when speeds are at 40 mph, others say it happens when they are stopped. It has yet to cause any untoward incidents, and the air bags deploy as normal in accidents. It is troubling, however, as an actual problem with the air bags might not be accurately reported due to the fault.

A recall order was issued specifically for the front air bags for this year and model. So it's important to check if your VIN is covered under order 73368.

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