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BMW 530XI Parts and BMW 530XI Accessories

Facts about the BMW 530xi

  • The BMW 530xi is fitted with what critics call a Bangle butt. The term is a snarky characterization of the two-level rear end design that has separate rear fenders and a bustle-back boot lid. It was designed by American-born Chris Bangle, BMW's chief automotive design director for 16 years. Although the Bangle butt is considered unattractive by many critics, a few enthusiasts still see it as a stroke of design genius.

  • The 530xi carries the unique kidney grille that gets it easily identified as a BMW vehicle. The BMW 303, a mid-size saloon produced in 1933 and 1934, was the first BMW to use the kidney grille. Today, the unique grille is a hallmark of all the company's vehicles.

  • The BMW 530xi insignia represents the car manufacturer's aircraft heritage-it used to create aircraft engines until 1918. The company was forced to stop producing aircraft engine by the terms of the Versailles Armistice Treaty, shifted to motorcycle production in 1923 and automobile production in 1928. Staying true to its aircraft roots, the BMW logo symbolizes a spinning propeller.

  • The blue and white colors of the BMW 530xi logo are the same colors used in the Bavarian flag. BMW is popularly known as a German manufacturer, and its name actually indicates the place it was founded in-BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works. BMW is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

  • The BMW 530xi is one of many BMW vehicles that has a Hofmeister kink. This term is used to name the counter curve in the window-outline at the base of the rear roof pillar of BMW cars. It was first introduced in 1961 and was named after Wilhelm Hofmeister, then head of BMW body design. The unique design highlights the dynamic forward thrust of the car.

  • The x in 530xi stands for xDrive, BMW's technology that combines an all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution. The i stands for iDrive Controller, which allows access to a variety of comfort functions displayed on a monitor. The menu system allows front-seat passengers to fine-tune settings for climate control, audio, navigation and communication systems.

BMW 530XI Articles

  • Common Problems of the BMW 530xi

    The BMW 530xi is a mid-size/executive car that had its roots in the BMW 5 Series, a line of cars started by the manufacturer in 1972. The 530xi is part of the fifth generation of the series-an award-winning lineup that is considered as the heart of the BMW brand. The x in 530xi comes from internal BMW-speak. It means xDrive, a BMW technology that combines an all-wheel drive with a variable torque distribution. This system redistributes power to the wheels with the maximum traction as needed during a specific driving situation, potentially reducing loss of control. With all the advanced features of the 530xi, however, it still has some common problems that the manufacturer needs to address.

    Front passenger airbags

    Small cracks in the sensor mat of the 530xi can lead to a malfunction of another component-the activation of the front passenger airbags may be affected. Frequent entry and exit can cause cracks to eventually develop in the mat, causing the front passenger airbags to be deactivated and the air bag warning lamp to be illuminated. The passenger airbag on-off switch will also be lit. BMW recalled several 530xi's with this flaw starting in 2006.

    Brake pad wear sensor

    The brake pad wear sensor of an older 530xi causes the brakes to squeal. BMW replaced the brake pad wear sensors in 2006 and colored them green to mark the difference between the new redesigned sensors and the old ones. The noise from the brake pad sensor can be removed by going to a large open parking lot, going fast in reverse, and hitting the brakes hard. This removes the brake dust from a rarely used portion of the rotors, which causes the squeak.

    Battery cable connection

    The positive battery cable connection in the trunk of the 530xi has been observed to overheat. The bolt securing the insulated battery cable connector at the trunk floor panel loosens very easily, causing electrical resistance to shoot up and overheat to happen. A number of mid-size cars were recalled by BMW in 2012. Dealers secured the battery bold cable connection without charge.