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BMW 540i Anti Rattle Spring

Troubleshooting Tips for your BMW 540i Anti Rattle Spring

Did you know that the anti-rattle spring on your BMW 540i enables you to have a quieter brake assembly? This particular component holds the brake pad and disc in place to keep it from vibrating and making noise. However, it is also prone to wear and tear, just like any other brake components. Installing a replacement is indeed an easy task, but why replace it when you can do some quick fixes that are relatively easier and cheaper? Here are some troubleshooting tips to address your BMW 540i anti rattle spring problems:

Squealing sound

If lately you have been noticing a clicking or squealing sound whenever you press your brakes, then you could either have loose calipers or even a missing anti-rattle spring. What you can do is inspect the brake calipers for any missing spring and replace it immediately if you want your brakes to operate smoothly, that is. Replacing a bad anti-rattle spring minimizes the chances of it damaging your other brake system components.

Rattling noise

Even when your brakes are not applied, you hear an ominous groaning, clicking or rattling noise that gives you a worrisome driving. This could either be due to a foreign material trapped inside your vehicle's wheel covers or a loose or missing anti-rattle spring. You can check your brake assembly if there is a loose spring and tighten it. If the spring is lost, then you have to replace it immediately. If the noise persists, you may look for other loose parts, such as wheel nuts or bushings.


If your vehicle's anti-rattle spring is not in its proper position, chances are, it won't be able to perform its function properly. It would cause unnecessary shakes or vibration along with the rattling noise regardless if the brakes are pressed or not. Through visual inspection, you can already check if the anti-rattle spring is clipping the brake pad and the brake disc correctly. If it is missing, you should replace it with a new one, but if it is just dislocated, you need to adjust it to avoid experiencing the shakes and hearing the unnecessary noise from the brake assembly.

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  • Three Tips to Maintain your BMW 540i Anti Rattle Spring

    A minute part of the brake assembly, your BMW 540i's anti-rattle spring performs an essential function despite its size and form. It keeps the assembly from creating an ominous groaning sound that the brake disc and pad makes whenever you apply the brakes. Although it is built as a durable spring-loaded metal, its role in the brake assembly makes it more susceptible to wear and tear. Once it fails, repairing it is not an option; replacing it with a new one is the only solution. So before it gives in to premature wear, here are some tips on how you can make your BMW 540i anti rattle spring last your car's lifetime:

    Keep it clean.

    A good way to keep the anti-rattle spring from wearing out is by making it as clean and rust-free as possible. Take time to actually remove the parts of your brake assembly and clean them one by one. A rusty spring is more prone to cracking and breaking. When it breaks, that is the end of it; you would have to buy a replacement. Use a mild cleanser for the spring. You can also apply rust-proofing to keep it from corroding.

    Lubricate it regularly.

    To prolong the service life of your vehicle's anti-rattle spring, you can apply a bit of grease on it whenever you can. Remove it from the assembly before you lubricate it. If you are about to replace your stock spring and other brake assembly parts, we recommend that you also apply oil on the replacement part before you install it with the new brake discs or pads. A well-lubricated spring is less prone to wear out and corrode.

    Replace bent or broken spring.

    Since an anti-rattle spring is usually a disposable part, you cannot just repair it when it breaks apart. You need to replace it immediately to keep your brake assembly from creating an unnecessary noise. OE replacement parts are readily available on any auto parts store for about $5 to $20 per piece. So don't hesitate to replace a broken anti-rattle spring once it is already bent or broken.