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BMW 633csi Parts and Bmw 633csi Accessories

6 Interesting Things about the BMW 633CSi

  • The BMW 633CSi was one of the early models of BMW's 6 series coupes. The production and sales of this luxury-sports model started in 1976 in Europe, and it was not until 1978 when it finally reached American shores.
  • Initially, the body of the 633CSi, together with other models under the 6 series, were manufactured by Karmann-the largest independent automaker in Germany. Karmann started in 1901 and since then, it has already manufactured over 3 million complete vehicles for various makes such as Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen, and BMW. After some time, though, production of the 6 series became in-house to BMW.
  • During its lifetime, the 633CSi was equipped with several improvements almost every year, and this consistently made it one of BMW's top models at that time. For instance, in 1980, emission control was improved by a new 3-way catalytic converter that was equipped with its own oxygen-sensor feedback. And the following year, there were a few mechanical changes and the vehicle was given a 5-speed gearbox.
  • Even if the 633CSi was big in both size and price, sales never dwindled, and this is often credited to the model's outstanding fuel efficiency. The car also had a modest engine, and its 5-speed gearbox was well-loved by consumers because it was something unique to brand.
  • Being top of the class made the BMW 633CSi a prime choice for the movies. And perhaps its most famous appearance was on the second installment of Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future in 1989 where the model was featured as the villain's main vehicle. Remember Griff Tannen? He sure made Marty McFly's life a living hell in the movie, and he did this with the help of his flying modified black and orange 633CSi. Towards the end of the movie, an exciting car chase even ensued between Griff and Marty, and everyone knows how that ended.
  • In 2004, a man by the name of Jeff Chabotte was given the rare chance to purchase the original BMW 633CSi that was used in the Back to the Future movie. When Jeff got the car, it was in pretty bad shape as it had been neglected for years. However, this didn't stop him from restoring the vehicle even if it took him several years.

BMW 633csi Articles

  • Some Problems Encountered with the BMW 633CSi

    The BMW 633CSi was part of BMW's much talked about 6 series, and its production started during the late 70s in Europe. Upon reaching North America in 1978, this model maintained its top position in terms of sales for a couple years. Its good performance in the market was often credited to its unique 5-speed gearbox, fuel efficiency, powerful engine, and spunky looks. However, the secret to its success is its continuous development and improvement throughout the years. Though no recalls have ever been made for this particular model, some users have still encountered a few common problems during their drives. Here are some of the most encountered problems that are important to note for reference:


    A few owners have reported difficulties in starting the vehicle, and this was typically caused by a faulty ignition switch. At times, the car won't start even after turning the key, and it took a few tries before the vehicle finally turned on. This problem was quite easy to remedy, however, as replacing the ignition switch was usually the best solution.

    Clutch Plate

    Aside from ignition glitches, there have also been some reports about ill-designed clutch plates that have caused blown out springs. Similar to the ignition problems, this was easily remedied by replacing the clutch plates with better ones.


    Though not that alarming because it's quite typical, engine idling has also been reported for some BMW 633CSi units. This problem is often caused by several factors, so double-checking the source of the glitch is imperative. First, it may be caused by a loose or busted vacuum hose; once the hoses are broken, they need to be replaced right away to avoid further problems. Another probable cause is having clogged filters. To prevent this from happening, always inspect the air filter and replace it when necessary. Next, faulty electrical components like the spark plug, spark plug wires, and distributor cap can also cause bad idling, so don't forget to look at these components every once in a while. And lastly, a busted timing belt can also cause bad idling as it affects the vehicle's cam timing and function.