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BMW 740i Grille

How to Identify the Causes behind BMW 740i Grille Problems

Your BMW 740i grille is supposed to protect your engine from incurring damage and not the one that causes it. But when it gets broken, it can bring you troubles. Without a well-functioning grille, harmful contaminants can enter and clog your engine. If you are currently experiencing grille problems, you must act quickly. You must be ready to do some troubleshooting to find out the causes behind these grille issues.

Rust on chromed grilles

Don't be fooled by chromed grilles. They may look shiny from the outside, but severely corroded on the inside. When rust begins to spread, it can weaken your grille and make it brittle. When you notice that the silvery paint of your grille is already chipping, you have to either replace or paint it. If you just leave it and do nothing to restore it, rust particles and debris can get into your engine and cause blockage and contamination.

Cracks and scratches on plastic grilles

Majority of grilles are made of ABS plastic. This type of material is hard and strong, but it is still prone to cracks and scrapes. To check your grille for physical damage, inspect it closely. However, small cracks won't appear if your grille is dirty. Tiny dents and fractures may be covered by dust or mud making them hard for you to notice. To make them become visible, wash your grille first with dishwashing detergent. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub the entire surface of the grille. Once all the stains are removed, you can clearly see the damaged parts that you need to repair.

Missing screws

Clunking noise coming from your grille is usually caused by missing bolts and screws. When the grille is not securely attached to the bumper, it will wobble and vibrate when the car is moving. When you keep on hearing this sound, you should check if the mounting bolts of the grille are complete. Replace any missing ones, but it is better if you can change them all at once. Also, make it a habit to retighten the screws every month to make sure that they don't get loose.

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  • A Few Reminders on How to Make your BMW 740i Grille Last

    If you're aiming to add both style and protection to your vehicle, install a BMW 740i grille. It shields your engine from dust particles while providing a customized look for your car. Because of the benefits that a grille offers, it is just fair if you give it extra care and maintenance. By doing this, you can be sure that your grille can serve you for a very long time. Here are a few simple ways on how to take care of your automotive grille.

    Protect your grille from corrosion.

    There are grilles that are made of chromed metal. While new, they may look shiny with their silvery color. But after a while, they can get rusty, because this type of metal is not resistant to corrosion. To maintain the luster of this grille, apply polishing agent or chemical regularly. This product will keep the grilles rust free for as long as possible. Another way to inhibit corrosion is by painting your grilles. Paint has excellent protective properties, because it helps metal resist moisture.

    Repair cracks and scratches.

    This maintenance tip is applicable if you are using a plastic grille. Plastic materials such as ABS or Styrene are not as hard as metals, so they easily get damaged. To repair these scrapes, spray them with acrylic solvent cement. This chemical fills in the small voids or gaps on the surface of the grille. But for larger fractures, you should use a gap-filling solvent. The texture of this cement is thicker, because it is designed to cover the bigger gaps on any plastic surface. These products are available at your local auto parts store. You can also purchase them from online stores.

    Tighten the mounting bolts regularly.

    Because of constant mechanical vibration, the mounting screws of your grille may loosen up. This is the reason why sometimes you hear a loud clanking noise coming from the bumper area. To make sure that your grille is securely fastened to the car's body, retighten the bolts every month. Also, check the bolts periodically for rust. Replace them regularly and don't wait until they get too rusty before doing so. Rusted bolts are very hard to remove, because their threads are already damaged.