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BMW 740i License Plate Bracket

Various Problems You May Encounter in a BMW 740i License Plate Bracket

Have you ever been pulled over by traffic police because one or both of your license plates is missing? In most US states, the law requires you to post a license plate at the front and rear bumpers of your vehicle. This is for proper identification and easier tracking. However, you cannot obviously place a license plate on a car without a license plate bracket. License plate brackets are usually plastic or chrome metal and are easily damaged because of where they are found. Listed below are some of the most common issues it can experience:

Rusted license plate bolts

License plates brackets are always visible on every car, so these are prone to rain and moisture exposure. These damaging elements may corrode the bolts on the bracket and the license plate. This could be a big problem for people who would want to get their license plate brackets replaced or upgraded. In case you encounter this problem, you can fix it by buying a can of WD-40 and spraying it on the rusted bolts.

Over-tightened screws

Metal screws are among a license plate bracket's biggest enemies. Sometimes during installation, it is possible that you have turned this metal screw a little too tight, causing you to end up with a cracked license plate bracket. This often occurs to plastic-made license plate brackets, so you should pay attention when you're installing it on your vehicle. You might be over-tightening that screw, leading to irreparable damage on your license plate bracket.

Different license plate configurations

Your line of work may take you to another state, which would require you to register your car with a new license plate. This could pose a problem to your license plate bracket; license plates from other states might not fit comfortably with your installed bracket. It might be too large or too small for your bracket , forcing you to buy a new one. If your new license plate is not the same size as your bracket, do not force it. You might break you old license plate and complicate things further.

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  • Some Tips to Keep Your BMW 740i License Plate Bracket in Top Condition

    Your license plate bracket can easily become the most abused and battered part of your car. It is found on the front and the back, usually attached to the front and rear bumper. Being this low means that your license plate bracket falls victim to a number of road debris that can range from pebbles to large, fallen tree branches. In case you were wondering, there are things that you can do to save your license plate bracket from being damaged or breaking down:

    Make sure that it fits

    One of the biggest problems that people have with license plate brackets is that the license plates don't fit them. You can solve this problem by choosing brackets that are of the same size and dimension as your license plate brackets. A good thing to do would be to take the measurements of your license plate, and use it to choose a license plate bracket. This is to make sure that your license plate bracket would fit perfectly.

    Plug the holes

    There are license plate brackets that have holes for screws and some extra, unexplained holes. While you may leave this undisturbed or comfortably open, it could make your license plate bracket look awkward. Fix this by looking for plugs that would fit your hole directly. Plugging this hole could make your license plate bracket look whole and stable. You can get these plugs from bumper dealerships across the country.

    Install proper license plate lights

    The law requires you to display your license plates visibly, so naturally it is not enough that you install your license plate brackets correctly. Installing license plate bracket lights would make your license plates visible even at night. However, the lights could go haywire and fail to work properly if you installed them haphazardly. Make sure that you install your lights and wiring properly. This would also help to keep them working until the time comes when you have to replace them.