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BMW 745I Parts and BMW 745I Accessories

With a BMW 745i, you can get posterior bliss, decent performance, and loads of cool ergonomic quirks. This auto handles like a dream; its engine works like a lion but purrs like a cat, designed to satisfy the expectations of fastidious car enthusiasts. Dubbed as the "Ultimate Driving Machine", the 745i is capable of releasing up to 325 hp and reaching a quarter-mile in less than 15 seconds. Shifting gears is immediate and the ride package, complete with self-leveling air springs, doesn't disappoint. Indeed, it is a luxury liner that's got tons of fabulous surprises under its hood.

Though reviews are mixed in the aspect of interior design, you've got to give props to BMW's team of designers. Its dash and controls look like it came straight out of a Swedish living room, taking the word sophistication to a higher level. The BMW 745i dash is crafted from wood and is available in light or dark finish. It even has an iDrive system that's intuitive enough to control important functions like entertainment, information, navigation, and communication functions. With just a knob, the driver can activate traction control and find the right directions using the navigation system. Though some BMW owners complained about the reliability and convenience of this system, the iDrive remains to be great BMW feature for many fans of the automaker.

Overall, getting a BMW 745i is a practical move. Perfect for individuals with an active lifestyle or starting families in need of a reliable and safe vehicle, the 745i can definitely deliver. It has an intelligent safety system that provides quick activation of airbags, latch tensioners, and headrests; a state-of-the-art sound system that produces a clean sound, thanks to its subwoofers and high-level acoustics; and an all-around engine that lives up to its promise of silent power. Indeed, this BMW is the ultimate car for any driver.