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BMW 745LI Parts and BMW 745LI Accessories

Superstar Car: Six Facts about Celebrities and the BMW 745li

  • As an inside linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, Patrick Willis stands at over 6 feet tall and weighs at around 240 pounds. With such an impressive build, he definitely needs the spacious dimensions (203.5-inch long by 74.9-inch wide and 58.7-inch high) of his white BMW 745li.

  • Willis isn't the only athlete with a Bimmer. Pro skateboarder Terry Kennedy has a 2005 745li that one of his sponsors, Zenetti Wheels, made over with 22-inch black Zenetti Spartan Rims.

  • If there's no such thing as bad publicity, then it's a good thing that controversial lobbyist Jack Abramoff spent more than 48,000 USD in customizing his 2002 BMW. In 2006, it was discovered that he spent part of this amount on tinted windows, custom-built 15.2-inch video monitors with cordless headphones for DVD-watching or game playing, as well as seat-back tables.

  • The Volvo Auto Museum held an online auction for celebrity cars on November 9, 2012 and an oxford green BMW 745li owned by rock star Jon Bon Jovi crossed the auction block. Bon Jovi had taken very good care of the car he had bought brand new so that he could pick up his sons from baseball practice. He upgraded it with a 5,100 USD luxury-seating package, which included heated and ventilated massage reclining seats. With an appraised value of 40,000 USD, the lucky new owner of this car also got a copy of the title in Bon Jovi's full given name and the car's manuals and records.

  • The BMW 745li isn't just a celebrity-driven car, it's also a superstar in its own right. It has appeared in horror/suspense movies such as Silent Hill, An American Haunting, and Perfect Stranger. It has also appeared in comedy films like The Wedding Crashers and Big Momma's House 2.

  • On the small screen, the 745li has appeared in Lost, Burn Notice, and Without a Trace. It was also shown in reality shows like Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Finally, it had music video cameos as a vehicle favored by hip-hop artists Knoc-turn'al, Birdman, and Rick Ross.

BMW 745LI Articles

  • BMW 745li Problems for New Owners

    Since 1977, BMW has been producing the 7 Series, its line of full-sized luxury vehicles that have been the German automobile manufacturer's flagship cars. In 2002, it introduced the 745li to its line-up. Before it was replaced with the 750li in 2006, this car introduced the company's innovations like the first six-speed automatic transmission and the iDrive control system. However, it wasn't a perfect vehicle. Here are some of the common problems that people have encountered with BMW 745li parts and accessories:

    The iDrive system

    The iDrive is BMW's computer system that allows the driver to control various components inside the vehicle. It has a screen in the dashboard and a mouse-like controller on the center console. However, it was also the first thing that a new BMW 7 Series driver had to familiarize himself with. The early iDrive versions weren't quite user-friendly, especially for overwhelmed first-timers. Described as "clusters of clutter," the hidden submenus distract and detract from the overall driving experience.

    The dashboard and the driving experience

    Fiddling around and becoming familiar with the iDrive system's controls aren't the only thing that new 745li owners had to do while driving the car. They also needed to read the instruction manual quite extensively because a lot of warning lights and electronic glitches have popped up. These electrical issues dashboard messages that ranged from warnings like "avoid high cornering speeds" and "avoid hard braking" to serious issues like "brake/drive failure" and "dynamic drive inactive." The experience was so varied that drivers either had to ignore the messages or call their dealers to ask for some roadside assistance.

    The exterior styling

    Despite being redesigned for the new generation, the BMW 7 Series cars (including the 745li) received mixed reviews about their new looks. Because they were two inches taller and more than an inch longer and wider than their predecessors, the 7 Series cars looked heavier and it seemed as if their proportions were all wrong. The rear half of the model-variants, in particular, might have a larger trunk, but it doesn't impress with its L-shaped tail lights. But, no matter how long it took for them to get used to the new lines, 745li drivers appreciated BMW's attention to aerodynamics.