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BMW 750IL Parts and BMW 750IL Accessories

Bonding with Bond: Fun Facts about the BMW 750il

  • Featuring high-tech gadgetry, tear gas dispensers, mounted missiles under the hood, and a set of cable snippers popping from the car logo, the 1997 BMW 750il made its starring appearance in the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. In addition to the BMW 750il's unique artillery, the auto in the film featured a second steering wheel on the back seat. Because of the additional steering wheel, this BMW shown in the film is capable of being remotely controlled.

  • Additionally, the car chase scene with James Bond's BMW 750il took around three weeks to film. The scene, which was shortened only into several minutes, portrayed the auto being chased by a rocket as the 750 was plunging off a car park roof. The BMW model eventually ended in ruins in a Hamburg street.

  • The 007 film featured an incredibly tech-savvy and modified BMW 750il with an imaginative set of features. Some of these unique configurations include a security system that emits electric charges to scare off thieves. It had all sorts of hidden compartments that required James Bond's fingerprints to access. It also featured re-inflating tires and a voice capability to complete the AI feel of the spy vehicle.

  • Akin to another James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies' BMW 750il sported the plate number, B-MT 2144, which is similar to that of Golden Eye's Aston Martin DB5, which wore the plate numberBMT 214A.

  • Both BMW and Aston Martin models are favorite choices for James Bond films. In fact, both models appeared in almost every film. The Aston Martin starred in Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Die another Day, while the BMW starred in The World is not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Golden Eye among others.

  • Did you know that the 2000 model of the BMW 750il V-12 came with a factory bullet-proof option? You see, this BMW model had reinforced wheels, thicker glass, extra steel setting, and a Kevlar-type material. With this protective armor, BMW boasts that the 750il provides an impermeable defense against 9MM and .357 handguns and light submachine guns. With this protective feature, BMW 750il owners can surely feel the 007 vibe when driving down the road.

BMW 750IL Articles

  • Common Problems Encountered with BMW 750il

    Being one of the models in BMW's 7-series line, the BMW 750il features top-notch technology and design. In fact, this series is considered to be the flagship of the BMW lineup, which will steer the company's direction in the future. Because of the model's innovative and protective features, more buyers are opting for this automobile. However, car owners should be wary of these common problems in order to prepare themselves when they encounter such defects.

    Steering issues

    One of the most common problems encountered by the luxury BMW 750il and BMW models in general involve locking of the steering wheel. This defect is primarily attributed to flimsy ignition key cylinders that wear at a faster rate than other cars' cylinders. This line of BMW models have been known to have frequent failures in the car's shift lever, which manifests in the temporary locking of the steering wheel. When left unresolved, these steering issues result to an inoperable BMW 750il. BMW manufacturers suggest the use of spray lubricants to allow the key cylinder to move more smoothly.

    Blown head gasket problems

    The BMW make of car models is known in the automotive industry for its crafty engineering. Despite this fact, the BMW 750il cars and most BMW models often encounter a failure in their head gaskets. The malfunctioning gaskets are often attributed to delicate and poorly constructed radiators, water pumps, and thermostats. When these defective parts overheat, the head gaskets are deformed and as a consequence, cause a failure in sealing. BMW recommends car owners to replace the water pump for every 60,000 miles of travel. In addition, changing the radiators at least once for 100,000 miles helps prevent blown head gasket problems for the BMW 750il.

    Door locking

    Because most modern BMW vehicles use an electrical locking system, common door lock problems are attributed to the car's fuse box. BMW 750il owners commonly experience defects in electrical locking. In fact, a review once called the vehicle an electrical nightmare. The errors are often attributed to the car's computer, which is the central lock module that communicates with the BMW's locks.

    Cooling system

    Yet another electrical problem, the 2001 BMW 750il's cooling system has defective fan motors that cause electrical overload and eventually causing the fans to malfunction. In fact, around 80,000 units were affected as the BMW issued a recall.