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BMW A/C Compressor

When we are driving, we usually want to experience the same level of comfort that we are used to at home and at our workplace. Thanks to the introduction of the automobile air conditioning system, many things have changed especially when it comes to comfort and luxuriousness offered by the vehicle's interior. The vehicle's air conditioning system is the one responsible for blowing cool air to the passenger cabin. Basically, there are three different types of air conditioning system found in the vehicles today. Though they have differences the concept and design of these ac systems are very similar to one another.

The most common components that can be seen in the automobile's ac system are condenser, compressor, evaporator, thermal expansion bulb, orifice tube, receiver-drier and accumulator. If your vehicle possesses an orifice tube, it will not come with a thermal expansion valve because these two components have similar function. Likewise, a vehicle can have either an accumulator or a receiver-dryer but not both.

Your BMW ac compressor is considered as the heart of the car's air conditioning system. It is a mechanical pump driven by a belt that's attached to an engine. BMW AC compressor pumps the refrigerant to make it flow in a closed loop throughout the air conditioning system. The performance of the AC system is greatly affected by the performance of the ac compressor. When the engine starts to move, the BMW AC compressor would also start doing its job which is to take in the refrigerant from the low pressure side of air conditioning system. While inside the BMW AC compressor, the refrigerant is compressed into a high pressure and high temperature gas. And the compressed refrigerant will be passed on to the condenser, the system's high pressure side.

The BMW ac compressor is really vital in your BMW ac system. Without it the ac system will surely not function. So if ever your BMW AC compressor got damaged have it replaced immediately or else the interior comfort of your car will be compromised. Finding a replacement BMW ac compressor isn't that hard these days because they are available in most auto-part store in the automotive market.