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BMW A/C Condenser

BMW has always been a brand of performance. "The Ultimate Driving Machine"that has always been the name by which each and every vehicle that the company produces is marketed. For this reason, avid customers of BMW wouldn't expect anything less than a performance vehicle from the company; and so far, the company hasn't failed their expectations.

BMW vehicles, however, are not only about performance, although no one can deny the exhilaration that can be brought by the performance of every BMW to its owner. BMW vehicles are also about comfort, with a wide array of features that can make every powerful ride enjoyable. And how else can one best describe comfort inside a BMW vehicle than by describing its excellent air conditioning system, composed of only high quality A/C parts like the BMW A/C condenser.

The A/C condenser is that part of your vehicle's air conditioning system responsible for radiating all the heat the A/C system has absorbed. The refrigerant enters the vehicle's A/C condenser as a hot gas after absorbing much of the heat inside the vehicle's cabin. With the aid of the engine fan, and other auxiliary fans that may be installed under the vehicle's hood, the condenser cools the refrigerant and condenses it into a cooler, high-pressure liquid. Once cooled and liquefied, it is then pumped back into the other parts of the air conditioning system.

You can easily locate your BMW's A/C condenser inside the engine compartment of your car. It is usually located in front of the radiator, unless otherwise there has been a modification made with your car and the A/C condenser was moved into another location for aerodynamic purposes. Nonetheless, it is still easily identifiable for it looks like the radiator, although only smaller. For front-wheel drive cars, the A/C condenser is cooled by one or more auxiliary fans instead of the engine fan.

  • Closer Look at BMW A/C Condenser

    When the weather is very hot outside, it is nice to roll up the windows of your BMW and turn the air conditioning all the way up. One of the many components that make the air conditioning system work is the BMW AC condenser. It is located in front of the radiator in your vehicle, and it performs a similar function to the radiator. Coolant is pumped into the interior of the vehicle by the compressor motor, where the coolant absorbs heat, and the coolant is then compressed into a gas, after which, it travels into the BMW AC condenser. Using the motion of the air generated by the cooling fan and the vehicle moving, the heat is removed from the coolant, using the natural process of convection. When the gas cools enough to return to a liquid state, it is sent back into the interior of the vehicle. The BMW AC condenser consists of a series of thin metal tubes, covered in thin fins, which are designed to achieve the maximum surface area, and thus, increase the cooling efficiency. Over a period of several years, corrosion will begin to eat away at the structural integrity of the BMW AC condenser, and it will soon be time to replace the unit, due to a leak. In our online catalog, you will find the correct replacement unit for most vehicles, at a very good price, compared to the equivalent part from the dealership. Our BMW AC condenser is made to the same quality standards and it has a generous warranty from the manufacturer. To order our BMW AC condenser, simply visit our secure website or make a quick toll-free phone call to our sales department.