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BMW Ball Joint

The steering system of your BMW consists of many components that help you to steer around corners safely and efficiently. The final piece connecting the steering rack to the wheel is the BMW ball joint. This type of joint allows for the greatest amount of flexibility in any direction, which means the wheels still receive the steering input no matter where they are in relation to the frame of the vehicle. The BMW ball joint consists of a ball and socket, and both parts are made from metal. In order to prevent wear from friction, there must be a good supply of lubrication in the joint. On many models produced today, the BMW ball joint is a sealed assembly, meaning that no lubricant can be added when needed, and that when the joint finally suffers the effects of friction, the only recourse is to replace the entire assembly. On some vehicles, however, adding lubricant to the BMW ball joint is made possible with the inclusion of a grease fitting on the unit. About twice a year, the joint should be filled with the proper type of lubrication, with a hand-operated grease gun. When the BMW ball joint is coming close to failure, you may notice strange noises when turning the wheels, or feel a vibration when driving at high speeds. When it is time to obtain a replacement, you will find the correct model for most vehicles in our convenient online catalog, at a price that is mush lower than the similar part from the dealership. The BMW ball joint for you vehicle can be easily ordered from our secure web site, or by phone, with a quick toll-free call to our sales department at any time.