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BMW Control Arm

In order to react to the changes in the surface of the road, your BMW has a full suspension system, which gives you a good ride quality and full control of your vehicle. Connecting the tire to the frame of your vehicle is the BMW control arm. Using a set of pivot joints, the unit allows the tire to move in any direction it needs to in response to the road. There is an upper and a lower BMW control arm at each tire, and by pairing them, the tire will always be in the correct vertical position. As the suspension moves, the BMW control arm will experience a large amount of friction. If there is not the proper amount of lubrication in the joints, the joints will begin to wear down. Depending on the vehicle, the BMW control arm may have grease fittings on the joints. To reduce the amount of friction, these joints should be lubricated at least twice a year. Even with proper lubrication, the joints in the BMW control arm will eventually wear down, and for the sake of safety, the affected unit should be replaced. You will find the correct BMW control arm for most vehicles within the pages of our large online catalog. Our version is priced much less that what the dealership would charge, but it meets all of the same quality standards and has a full warranty from the manufacturer. It will be a direct replacement for the old BMW control arm, making the installation straightforward. If you would like to order the BMW control arm from our catalog, it can be easily done through our secure web site, or by pone, with a toll-free call.