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BMW Distributor

If you think tough quality made vehicles like BMW products are exempted already from damage and systems failure subsequently followed by costly repairs and automotive parts replacement, then you might want to think again. Though we all know what kind of image was already built up by the BMW as an automobile manufacturer, still we cannot deny the fact that BMW parts are also subjected to certain extent and period of deterioration.

If you encounter ignition system problems with your precious BMW vehicle, perhaps you can check on the following ignition system parts: source of power input, cam lobe, condenser, control wires, distributor cap, high voltage coil wire, ignition coil, ignition key, ignition switch, magnetic pickup coil, metal core, points, primary winding, reluctor, rotor power input, rotor, power input, rotor, spark plug wire insulation, spark plug wire, spark plug, and distributor.

Basically, the above mentioned parts are the things susceptible to immediate damages and replacements. The distributor like the BMW distributor is an ignition system component that is seen on virtually all vintage vehicles and some late-model vehicles. The distributor's functions starts when it rotates by means of a gear on the power back to the camshaft and triggers the ignition. The coil afterwards fires thus sending its power back to the distributor via coil wire. After which, the distributor, as the name implies, distributes the produced spark from the coil to the appropriate spark plug wire, according to the engine's firing order.

However, not all vehicles, especially the late models, feature a DIS or distributorless ignition system which means that it does not use a distributor but instead an engine management computer tells the coil or coils when to fire.