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BMW Door Handle

BMW is a German vehicle manufacturer which is famous for creating the world's ultimate driving machine. Over the years, it has gained a sound reputation when it comes to performance and sophistication. All BMWs are designed to perform. And every part of BMW vehicle is excellently designed to take every driving experience into new heights. And when we say every part that means everything that comprises the vehicle; from the major parts up to the smallest detail. This could probably be the reason why BMWs are among the car buyer's and the enthusiast's favorite.

Among the components in BMW that are barely noticeable but undeniably important is the BMW door handle. Car owners always tend to disregard this part until it failed to do its role. That's the only time we happen to realize that no matter how small it is, door handle is essentially needed to open and close the door of your car as you made your entry and exit. It is not an exterior accessory that you can remove and reinstall the moment you want it. Once you take it away, you will surely find it hard to open the car's door. Your BMW door handle, therefore, should be taken care of just like the other important vehicle parts.

But we should be aware of the old adage that says "nothing lasts forever." You'll find this saying very true in car parts. Because no matter how tough your vehicle contraptions are, they will eventually wear out as time pass by. And once they got damaged, the thought of auto part replacement will surely cause you headaches. Defective BMW door handles can even squeeze your last ounce of patience particularly if you're in a hurry and you have an appointment. So it is really important to check your BMW door handle regularly.

If the time comes that repairs and modifications can't anymore fix the problem with your BMW door handle, you better have it replaced with something new. The automotive market offers you wide availability of BMW door handles. They come with different specifications so you can choose the one that fits right with your BMW vehicle. You need to be selective when it comes to door handle. Find the one that's durable enough to withstand the tear and wear due to regular use. Remember that BMW door handles needs to be hard-wearing since it is the only way to open the door of your car for you to have access to its beautiful interior.

  • How to Make Your BMW Door Handle Last Your Car's Lifetime

    Your BMW door handle is just a tiny piece of device in your vehicle, but don't undermine its importance. It is necessary to the proper functioning of your doors. It maintains your privacy and protects your stuff from getting stolen. Because of the many important things that it does for your own benefit, you must take care of it. Make sure that it serves you well for a long time. Here are some useful tips on how to make your door handle last.

    Clean your door handles.

    Dirty door handles are not only painful to the eyes. They also cause mechanical problems that make it difficult for you to open or shut the door close. Cleaning the handles won't take so much of your time and effort, so there's no point in skipping this procedure. You just need a bucket of soapy water and an old toothbrush. Brush the edges and corners briskly but gently to remove hardened dirt.

    Lubricate the door handle latches and rods regularly.

    Applying an ample amount of WD-40 and other similar types of lubricant lessens the amount of friction between the latch and the rod. This allows the handle to operate smoothly and quietly. Do this regularly to avoid having squeaky door handles.

    Stop rust from ruining the handles.

    Corrosion can damage the metal parts of the door handle. If you don't treat it right away, it can destroy the entire handle and affect the other steel components in your door. Combat rust with a steel brush. Scrape off rust buildup on the latches and rods. Lubricate these metal parts often so that you don't have to worry about future corrosion.

    Paint your car door handles.

    By coating your handles with fresh, new paint, you can enhance the look of your BMW in an instant. But before you do this, you need to learn a few things. Remember that a door handle consists of plastic and metal components. You need a different kind of paint for each material. For plastic frames, apply a primer first so the paint won't smudge. For metal parts, use the appropriate type of paint. Don't forget to sand these components first to strip off the old paint.

  • Spotting the Culprits behind BMW Door Handle Problems

    A broken BMW door handle brings nothing but hassles and inconveniences. Your safety and privacy are at risk if you don't have a well-functioning door handle. In order to put an end to these troubles, you need to ready yourself and your tools for some troubleshooting. Here are some useful tips for you in finding the real causes behind door handle issues in your vehicle:

    Door handle is difficult to open.

    There are times when you find it difficult to pull the door handle. It feels like the handle becomes stiff all of a sudden. This happens when the door handle rod gets detached from the latch. To access the rod, you need to remove the inner door panel. It can be quite a task if you're going to do this with the door shut close. You just need a little patience. Once the plastic panel is completely out of the vehicle, you can locate and inspect the door handle further.

    Door handle squeaks when pulled.

    Another common door handle problem is noise. There are times when the door handle squeaks each time you pull it. This is an indication that the metal rods and latches of the handle are already corroded. The extreme friction between these components produces the annoying sound. Again, you need to remove the door panel to gain access to the interior parts of the door handle. Inspect the metal parts for corrosion. If corrosion has already spread to the entire door handle, you need to replace it. Protect the new door handle from rust by applying WD-40 lubricant.

    Door handle does not fit properly to the frame.

    If you're having a hard time closing the doors of your BMW, it's possible that your door handles are not correctly installed. When the handles don't fit snugly to the frame, air can get in between the door panel and the frame, making it difficult for you to close the door. You can prevent this from happening by choosing a door handle that fits perfectly on your BMW vehicle. Get the precise measurement of the handle mounting and consider these specs when buying a replacement handle. Be familiar with the correct installation procedure to avoid making mistakes.

  • Closer Look at BMW Door Handle

    The BMW door handle is a convenient and dependable vehicle component that is little noticed as long as it is doing its job well. We take for granted the countless times that the durable BMW door handle smoothly performs its function, triggering the latching system inside the door of the vehicle, allowing it to engage and release as needed to allow the door to open freely and close securely. Often it is not until it fails that the BMW door handle is noticed, surely drawing attention when it will not open the door, forcing you to scramble across to the passenger side door to get out. Over time, the BMW door handle can fail, especially on the driver door, which sees the most use. One of the most frequent problem areas on the inside BMW door handle is the spring mechanism that provides the tension in the handle and connects with the latching system. If this spring breaks or loosens from its mountings, the BMW door handle can be left to flop loosely, unable to engage the latch. The outer BMW door handle has a more difficult time, with the elements to punish it along with the wear and tear of being pulled on to open the door thousands of times during the life of the vehicle. The winter weather in particular, with the moisture that collects from the snow and slush being frozen by the cold winter wind in and around the BMW door handle. We carry a selection of quality BMW door handle replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our site is secure to make ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your BMW door handle order just as conveniently.