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BMW Driveshaft

The BMW driveshaft is a crucial component in the drive train of your vehicle. The drive train parts are responsible for transmitting the power produced by engine combustion to the wheels of the vehicle, making it capable of transporting you on those early morning commutes. The power produced by the engine is transmitted to the vehicle transmission by the crankshaft, with the assistance of the clutch assembly. The BMW driveshaft is connected to the transmission output shaft at one end, and the differential at the other. The BMW driveshaft transmits the torque power of the engine from the transmission to the differential, where a gear reduction is used to slow the rotation before it is passed on to the drive axle to power the wheels. The BMW driveshaft is quite long, running the length of the vehicle, and requires support to be secure in its position. This is provided with the use of universal joints, generally either two or three depending upon the model. The universal joints give the BMW driveshaft the support it needs while allowing it enough flexibility to move with the suspension system of the vehicle as it passes over uneven surfaces. The BMW driveshaft must remain very straight and balanced to operate smoothly, without severe vibration that can damage the other components to which it is connected. If the BMW driveshaft is producing a lot of noise as it turns at the sped of the engine, it has most likely been bent or damaged, and may need replacement. We carry a selection of quality BMW driveshaft replacement parts in our online catalog. Our site is secure and well organized, making it safe and easy to order your BMW driveshaft or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.