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BMW Fog Light

Driving at night and in poorly lit areas can be way too risky. In fact, many vehicular accidents have taken place in many dark places due to poor visibility. This is the main reason why all vehicles come with different sets of lights usually placed in front, in the rear and inside the vehicle's cabin. Some of these lights are mandatory or required by the law while others don't come standard. Whether they are compulsory or optional, almost all these vehicle lights are installed to provide safety and visibility.

Some vehicle lights like taillights, turn signal lights and other auto lights usually emit light to give signal and warning to the drivers of other cars. On the other hand, headlights keep you and your vehicle safe by illuminating the area in front of the vehicle, thus making the driver see what lies ahead. Fog lights are of no difference. Though they don't come standard on several automobiles, they play an important role for you and for the vehicle's safety especially in dark and foggy driving condition. That's why those cars that possess fog lights do have an edge when it comes to safety and visibility.

It is inevitable sometimes that we get trapped on harsh weather condition. And there'll be also times when we need to drive through snow, heavy rains, sleet and deep set fogs. In situations like these, you can easily lose control of your automobile and eventually find yourself stuck in a hazardous or even life-threatening accident. It is in this light that fog lights are created. They are designed to help you avoid collisions and other car accidents caused by visibility problems. Fog lights give off a specialized beam to pass through deep-set fog, penetrating nasty weather, and providing you a better and safer vision.

Fog lights for different vehicle makes, including BMW fog lights come readily available in the market. They are created to complement BMW's positive reputation. BMW fog lights don't just light up your way but also make you aware of other things in front or behind the car. BMW makes sure that BMW fog lights are widely accessible to cater your replacement or refurbishment needs anytime. So if you want to embrace extra safety and visibility for your BMW vehicle, BMW fog lights are way perfect.

BMW Fog Light Models

  • Closer Look at BMW Fog Light

    The BMW fog light is designed to add a higher level of safety to your vehicle during poor weather conditions when visibility can be severely reduced. The standard headlights of your vehicle are sufficient in most conditions for safe illumination of the road ahead, but in some cases, the BMW fog light can significantly increase the accuracy and distance of driver visibility, giving more reaction time to avoid road hazards. Fog presents a unique problem for the visibility of the driver, perhaps the worst of conditions for the safe illumination of your path. The thick swirling haze of dense fog can obscure and distort your view as you drive, throwing off your perception of distance. Fog also has a reflective quality that can make your standard headlight beams nearly useless for vision, and high beams reflect dramatically in fog, rendering the driver nearly blind to the road ahead. The BMW fog light is specifically designed to overcome this hazard, mounted below the headlight to give a beam of light that is wider in its pattern, shining low and to the side of the vehicle to avoid reflection by the fog, and provide great illumination of the road ahead. The BMW fog light is a great help to visibility in other weather conditions as well, such as heavy rain or snow. If your vehicle is not equipped with fog lights, a good aftermarket BMW fog light kit is a worthy investment for your safety in conditions of poor visibility. We carry a selection of quality BMW fog light kits, and replacement parts in our online catalog at great low prices. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy, or our toll-free phone line can take your BMW fog light order just as efficiently.