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BMW M3 Parts and BMW M3 Accessories

BMW has always had this fascination with motorsports. Through this type of sports they have flexed their engine muscle and have shown that they are at least at par with the world's best. So it was only but natural that BMW released a sports version of the BMW 3 series when the series was released in 1986. The M cars as BMW puts it are sporty versions of all the series they have produced. With the 3 series, BMW released the M3 initially as the E30. And from then on, every generation of the 3 series was provided with an M version. A 2.3 L S14 engine, derived from the M10 Formula 1 straight-4, powered the first M3. This version produced 195 hp, and later versions upped displacement to 2.5 L and 238 hp. 786 cabriolets were also produced.

One of the main reason why BMW wanted an M3 was because they intended to join the German Touring Car Racing. One of the requirements in being a participant in this event was that BMW had to generate a minimum of 5000 units a year. The car that is touted to partake in the championships had to have the same basic engine, intake, and aerodynamics as the production model. Suspensions had to fit stock pick up points, and although bigger wheels were permissible, they had to fit within the stock fenders and no modifications should be done.

There were many M3s that came out. An assortment of models were produced, some of which never even touched American soil. In any case, many M3s sold wonderfully in US, and up to know many are still in demand. BMW engineered this sports car to be superior over others, and their engineering are superb. It is imperative though that to maintain its race car quality proper maintenance is done. Only superior quality BMW M3 parts should ever be placed inside this vehicle. BMW M3 parts are not to hard to find, there are many retailers out there who has seen its popularity and has stocked piled up already. It is common knowledge that BMW uses parts only that has been guaranteed of their durability and of their quality. Some of the more popular parts for the M3 are the engine parts, some of which are used to bolster the power and make it faster. BMW M3 body parts are also big sellers to replace those who have unfortunately been damaged in accidents.

It is no wonder BMW M3 owners are eager over BMW M3 parts. Their choice of this vehicle already signifies their good taste in cars. They want to attain higher levels of performance for this excellent driving contraption. Many have experienced the joys of expanding and maximizing the potential of their ultimate driving machine.

BMW M3 Parts