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BMW M5 Parts and BMW M5 Accessories

BMW 5 Series vehicles have always been impressive. Feature loaded interiors, impressive road manners, good looksall of these qualities can be found on just about any BMW 5 Series sedan or station wagon. But if you want something more than what the regular 5 Series can give, say more speed, power, and nimbleness, then you better have the BMW Motorsport version of the car, the BMW M5. With a 500 hp engine hiding under its hood, the M5 will definitely leave the regular 5 Series behind.

The BMW M5 is a high performance version of the BMW 5 series automobiles manufactured by BMW Motorsport, a subsidiary of BMW AG originally delegated to manage the company's racing program. The first BMW M5 model was unveiled in 1984, then based on the E28 BMW M5 Series. Except for a few model years, the BMW M5 has been sold along with the rest of the BMW 5 Series models from 1984 up to the present, changing in structure and design as new generation BMW 5 Series models are introduced.

In its current form, the BMW M5 stands on the E60 BMW 5 Series platform. Powering the car is a large 5.0-liter V-10 engine that outputs an impressive 500 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. Much to the dismay of avid BMW M5 supporters, the vehicle was introduced without a manual transmission option. Nonetheless, the vehicle is still equipped with an impressive transmission unita seven speed Sequential Manual Gearbox patterned after the units used on Formula 1 race cars.

The powerful engine and the capable new transmission unit, however, are but among the many features that made the BMW M5 perform better than the already impressive BMW 5 Series. Also noteworthy are the various BMW M5 parts, including the mechanical and body parts, that were all assembled by hand to create the BMW M5. With all these parts, the performance of the BMW M5 outside the race track saw further improvements.

The "M" in BMW M5 stands for "motorsport", and with the impressive performance that the vehicle have shown through the years, it is definitely worthy to bear the letter on its name.