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BMW Mud Flaps

Do you want to add value to your BMW? Or do you simply want it to look more personalized? For either, the easiest solution would be to install accessories in it. To add value to your vehicle, you can install accessories that can protect its exterior from road debris and other paint hazards. For a more personalized look, you can install custom styling accessories like hubcaps, wheel covers, fender flares and the like. And for an accessory that do both, you can try a set of BMW mud guards.

BMW mud guards are plastic, metal, fiberglass or rubber flaps that can be attached behind the tires of your BMW. The primary function of mud flaps is to prevent road debris, mud and other paint hazards flung out by the rotating motion of the tires from damaging the back and the sides of the vehicle. While doing so, the mud guards also prevent the same hazards from damaging other vehicles on the road aside from yours.

Mud guards were once used only in commercial and large trucks as the large tires of these vehicles can really toss up debris that can be hazardous to other vehicles. Some states would even make mud flaps a requirement on these huge vehicles. Today, however, it is not uncommon to see mud guards installed on smaller passenger vehicles like BMW vehicles. These components are used on passenger cars not only to protect their exteriors but also to make the vehicle look more stylish.

More than just another protective component for trucks, mud guards or splash guards have also become a popular tool for personalizing the style of modern passenger vehicles. In the automotive parts and accessories market today, one can find a variety of BMW mud flaps available in a variety of designs and colors. The most common are the BMW mud guards in black matte, ready to paint finish that can be painted to match the color of the vehicle's body. It is, however, not hard to find aftermarket and custom BMW splash guards that feature cartoon characters, familiar logos and short sentiments similar to bumper stickers that can add a personal touch to your BMW.