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BMW Oxygen Sensor

Have you ever noticed how BMW vehicles would powerfully rev up, accelerate or run through highways? All that power is brought by the high quality and high performance BMW engines that they are equipped with. But BMW engines cannot produce power all by themselves. For the combustion process to beginthat is, for the power production process to beginthe engine must be fed with raw materials in the form of air and fuel. And that's for power production alone. For maximum power production, BMW engines need the proper mixture of air and fuel.

The proper ratio of air to fuel that must be fed to the engine is 14.7:1. For this ratio to be maintained, the engine management computer continuously adjusts the amount of fuel it will feed to the engine. But for the engine management computer to properly do so, it needs information on how much air is being fed to the engine. In your BMW, the component that provides the computer with this data is the BMW oxygen sensor.

The BMW oxygen sensor is a small electronic sensor inserted into the exhaust system of gasoline-powered BMW vehicles. Prior to the introduction of OBD II in 1995, most petrol powered vehicles were equipped with only one or two oxygen sensors that were attached to the exhaust manifold. After the implementation of the OBD II, however, the number of O2 sensors used in vehicles doubled, with the added sensors used downstream the catalytic converter to measure its performance.

The primary function of oxygen sensors is to measure the amount of oxygen remaining in the exhaust gas. After doing so, the sensor relays this information to the engine management computer through voltage signals. From these signals, the engine management computer would base its fuel adjustments. So in the event that the BMW oxygen sensor fails, the engine management computer of your BMW will be left guessing as to the amount of oxygen being fed to the engine. In such cases, the computer would end up giving off more fuel than what the engine actually needs, thus increasing fuel consumption, increasing the amount of harmful exhausts produced and decreasing the efficiency of the engine and the catalytic converter.

  • Closer Look at BMW Oxygen Sensor

    Replacing your BMW oxygen sensor is a fairly simple repair, one that you can do yourself at home with a basic tool set and a bit of self-confidence. The BMW oxygen sensor is a sensitive automotive part, and is important to keeping your combustion system at its best, as well as serving to help you reduce some of the environmentally dangerous emissions produced by the combustion engine that relies on petroleum based fuels for its power. Located within the exhaust system, immediately after the combustion system, the BMW oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust after the fuel burn. The level of oxygen remaining is an indicator of the quality of the burn, and if the quality of burn is poor, indicated by the BMW oxygen sensor finding too much oxygen present, the engine is not using the fuel as efficiently as it could. Not only does the inefficient use of fuel deprive the engine of the power that could have been gained if that fuel had been properly burned, but also produces an excess of emissions, and so the BMW oxygen sensor signals the main computer of the vehicle, which, in turn, adjusts the air-to-fuel ratio in order to achieve that better burn. A malfunctioning or failed BMW oxygen sensor is likely to end up with your vehicle running on an air-to-fuel mixture that is fuel heavy, and the excess emissions produced can cause harm to the catalytic converter, causing it to fail much sooner than it normally would, as well as cause you to spend more money for fuel as it reduces the number of miles you get to the gallon. When the air-to-fuel ratio is off, you can expect poor vehicle performance and rough running, so it is a good idea to replace your BMW oxygen sensor as soon as possible, if there is a problem with it. You can order your BMW oxygen sensor from our catalog, placing your order online or with a toll-free phone call.