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BMW Performance Module And Chip

A BMW performance chip is a time effective means of boosting the performance level of your vehicle. This amazing little part, the BMW performance chip, achieves in just minutes what it used to take a skilled mechanic with sophisticated automotive systems knowledge hours under the hood to achieve. There are a variety of types of BMW performance chip, with differing performance levels, but in general, they do share certain characteristics. Chief among these is ease of installation. You need not know much more that how to access the computer of your vehicle, and the odds are that you won't even get your hands dirty as you plug your BMW performance chip into the correct port and, with some, answer a series of yes or no questions. Among the typical adjustments, and they do vary between individual types of BMW performance chip and the performance level of the chip chosen, are an adjustment to the vital air-to-fuel ratio of the combustion system, increasing power by making the burn more efficient, increasing or even removing the top speed and rev controls, and setting the shifting points on automatic transmissions to make the best use of the other adjustments. In our well put together online catalog, you'll find a terrific BMW performance chip selection, and our online live help system is available to you if you need a bit of assistance in choosing the BMW performance chip that will be most suitable to your year and model, while helping you towards your performance goals. You can place your BMW performance chip order online or you can dial our toll-free telephone number to speak with one of our professional customer service representatives.