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BMW Performance Pulleys

Every bit of horsepower produced by your engine is precious and a BMW performance pulley set will help you to stop wasting that horsepower unnecessarily. There are many parts in your vehicle that rely on pulleys for power and performance, such as the alternator and your water pump. However, the stock pulleys on many of these parts turn faster than they need to for performance, and that rate could be slowed down, without sacrificing one iota of the part's performance, which is the purpose that a BMW performance pulley set can serve for you. In addition to being sized to make fewer revolutions, thus drawing less power from the engine, many BMW performance pulley sets feature pulleys made of aluminum, which is lighter in weight than steel and also is more resistant to corrosion. Because those who tend to customize their vehicles for performance are also interested in having their vehicle look as good as possible, you'll also find that many BMW performance pulley sets are designed with an eye on style, and are available in eye-catching colors and finishes. Our online catalog features a variety of customization kits and performance parts, in addition to a broad selection of other parts and accessories for your BMW, and you'll be virtually sure to find a BMW performance pulley set or series of single BMW performance pulley types that will allow you to replace most of those in your vehicle with versions that are much more efficient and pleasing to the eye. You can order your BMW performance pulley set, or a single BMW performance pulley, via our secure online ordering system or with a quick toll-free telephone call.

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