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BMW Speed Sensor

Mostly in sports and race cars, the speed of the vehicle is always a vital factor. Being in a race or in any sporty adventure, the vehicle's speed is given due recognition. However, not only do sports and race cars give due importance to the vehicle speed but rather all types of automobiles. Likewise, the BMW car is also conscious of its speed. Therefore, a device known as the BMW speed sensor tracks the speed capacity run by this automobile.
Both the antilock braking system and the engine management system work out with the speed signals. The BMW speed sensors are the electronic devices that work out on sending the information to the computer to register the speed of the vehicle thus being interpreted and for the humans to be able to understand.
Generally, there are two kinds of speed sensors. The engine speed sensor sends information to the computer regarding how fast the automobile is traveling at. This type coordinates with the spinning movement of the crankshaft. The next kind of speed sensor is known as the wheel speed sensor. This type of speed sensor works with sending the electronic pulse signals to the control unit. In time when a wheel lockup is detected during brake applications, the computer then signals the valve unit to limit the hydraulic pressure to the wheel cylinder.
It is essential that the BMW speed sensor equipped in your car works well. Any defect and malfunction will likely affect the operation of the automobile. Not only will it be a nuisance on your part but it will also be risky. The threat to the vehicle passengers' safety is not something to ignore. As the driver, one must be responsible. So to avoid further hazards, BMW speed sensors must closely be monitored and replaced if the need arises.