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BMW Vent Visor

A BMW vent visor set is a practical addition to your vehicle, looking great and making your drive more pleasant and sometimes even safer than it would be without it. A BMW vent visor set allows you to enjoy the fresh air, instead of the always artificial smelling air that comes from the air conditioner, without having the enjoyment marred by road noise, fumes, precipitation and the like. The carefully engineered BMW vent visor looks deceptively simple, but it is designed very specifically to ensure that the airflow is redirected in just the right way. And, this right way will allow you to have the window open without the deafening thunder of road noise, as that is deflected away from the passenger compartment and your ear, and the precipitation carried by the flow of air is also redirected by the BMW vent visor, allowing you to keep the window open a little during a storm, which is the best way to prevent the windows from fogging up, making your ride that much safer. Installation of a BMW vent visor set is very simple and fast, as in many instances, these sturdy plastic accessories, usually available in black or smoke color and able to be custom painted to match vehicle color, if desired, are secured with a durable double sided adhesive tape. A BMW vent visor is an affordable accessory and is sure to provide years of dependable service after installation. You can order your BMW vent visor set via our secure site or with a fast toll-free telephone call.