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BMW Wiper Arm

The BMW Wiper arm is the durable component that carries your wiper blade across the windshield to give you a clear view of the road during poor weather conditions. If the BMW wiper arm become damaged or broken, it can cause quite a problem for visibility as you travel in snow or rain, making driving very hazardous. The BMW wiper arm is built to last, but there are factors that can affect its performance over time. The heavy snow that accumulates on the windshield can cause the BMW wiper arm to bend, especially if you should happen to turn on the wipers before the windshield has been cleared. The weight of that snow can give a great deal of resistance to the radial motion of the BMW wiper arm, easily causing damage. If you are in the habit of clearing the snow with the wipers rather than a snow brush, the BMW wiper arm may gradually wear at its point of connection, stripping it so that it will no longer be able to move with the action of the wiper motor. Ice on the windshield can be damaging if the BMW wiper blade has frozen to the glass, causing the BMW wiper arm to bend or strip as it tries to free the blade against its grip. Clearing the windshield thoroughly before turning the wipers on can greatly extend the life of your BMW wiper arm. If this advice comes too late and the damage is already done, the BMW wiper arm is reasonably easy to replace and quite inexpensive, especially if you chose your replacement from the selection we offer at great prices in our convenient online catalog. Our secure site will make it fast and easy to order your BMW wiper arm or our toll-free phone line is just as efficient.