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BMW X3 Parts and BMW X3 Accessories

BMW would call it a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) although the vehicle is essentially a crossover sport/utility vehicle (SUV) or XUV. But does the name make the BMW X3 something special? What does the BMW X3 have to offer that is not yet present in most conventional SUVs that we have today? And what more can the vehicle do than what BMW sedans and station wagons already do?

The BMW X3 is a Sport Activity Vehicle, the second vehicle of its kind manufactured by BMW after receiving enormous praises and success with the BMW X5. Introduced in 2004, the X3 is basically an offshoot of the BMW X5, although the X3 is a bit larger, lighter, has more interior and cargo space, and offers a whole new range of innovative features that were not available on previous models of the BMW X5 (although most of the features of the new X3 are also available in the new X5). Currently, the vehicle is available with two engine options: a 2.5-liter 195 hp I6 and a 3.0-liter 231 hp I6. A 6-speed manual transmission is standard on both options while a 5-speed automatic transmission is optional.

With all the new and innovative BMW X3 parts and features it is equipped with, the new BMW X3 SAV is capable of doing some things that most other vehicle types can't do. The vehicle's xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system allows the vehicle to perform capably on the road and off the road, something that most conventional SUVs, sedans and station wagons can't do. Other features that aid the BMW X3 in its functions are the dynamic stability control (DSC) and the Hill Descent Control (HDC) features.

With on-road and off-road capabilities, is there anything more that you can ask for with the BMW X3? Well, probably more of the said capabilities. While it is true that the vehicle can cruise on the road and traverse the off-road track, its performance on either path is acceptable at the most. There are definitely a lot of areas to improve on, especially if BMW want the vehicle to perform like a competitive SUV off the road and a smooth cruising sedan or station wagon on the road.