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BMW X5 Parts and BMW X5 Accessories

Increase the horsepower of your brakes with a BMW X5 Brake Kit. These kits are designed to increase braking performance with larger rotors and calipers with increased clamping force. Maintain consistent performance with a brake kit by ensuring that your pads and rotors are within specifications. BMW X5 Parts like the strut tower brace reinforces the strut shock towers during turning maneuvers. Without the reinforcement, the tops of the strut shock towers move very slightly, changing suspension geometry enough to affect how the car feels and reacts to the driver. By reinforcing the shock towers to each other, these minute movements of the shock tower are virtually eliminated, leaving you with razor sharp feel.
Does the rear of your BMW X5 clunks? Then have a high quality, easily serviceable rear shock mount. A decent sized pothole can send a perfectly good factory rear shock mount to pop out, making it entirely useless needing a replacement. Due to poor design and extensive abuse, stock BMW rear shock mounts often fail with the inner metal sleeve separating from the rubber bushing. Usually, this manifests itself as squeaking, rattling, clunking and deflection of the rear shock mount, leading to poor suspension performance and a great deal of annoyance. Have BMW X5 rear shock mounts that withstand the rigors of aftermarket suspension, or even badly damaged roads. For the discriminating BMW enthusiast, why not replace the factory cover (with the M logo on it) with a real carbon fiber engine cover. Keep cool and impress your friends, even your BMW service advisor.
The mere shape of the BMW X5's interior is elegant, with door panels that bow outward in a graceful, subtle swoop incorporating the armrests and door handles while tight steering helps you feel the road the way you would in a sports car.