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BMW Z3 Parts and BMW Z3 Accessories

The Mazda Miata could have been the glorious perfect car of the American scene - not until BMW launched its Z3. BMW Z3 provides all the fun covered by the Miata, yet it offers more substantial elements. After its introduction to the public, it started ramping its way into the sales charts, thereby taking more or less 50% of the roadster sales. Words such as bigger, more capable, and heavier would all be understatements for this kind of car. Being a real car, you don't get the insecure feeling of being too vulnerable on the road once you ride in it. Such appreciation from the consumers prompted BMW Z3 to indulge more into several innovations throughout the coming years of its operation.
BMW could not just let time pass by and have the Mazda Miata climb its way towards success without all the hassles. The much-hyped, flashy, and cool BMW Z3 came in 1996 to offer Miata a competitive march. BMW Z3 utilized as many bits and pieces as it could get out of the BMW 3 Series classic and sporty parts bin. And because most critics call Miata a very small car, BMW Z3 has been made almost half-size larger than it is with added weight and more confining accommodation.
A 1.9-liter engine delivering a 138-horsepower DOHC inline-four came with the first Z3 model. Undoubtedly, it was really a fast car! However, due to some terrible risks the vehicle was running for, BMW decided to close the said application and instead employed a new 2.8-liter engine pushing a 189-horsepower DOHC inline-six. A few years later, BMW Z3 was replaced with a 2.5-liter, 170-horsepower DOHC six for its basic engine.
Summertime is again at its peak and BMW Z3 could be used as a good ride especially during this season. Being a roadster itself, you can always ride the Z3 with the top down and feel the invigorating and refreshing air. Then you will suddenly realize the renewed feeling overwhelming you. BMW first unveiled itself in the 1996 James Bond movie known as "The Goldeneye" and since then several Bavarian Motor Works patrons flocked into dealer showrooms to procure their own Z3s.
The Z3 precisely follows the genius designing concept shared by every BMW series. When it comes to technology, the firm uses its latest breakthrough to further ensure the best they could offer. Following the principle of car designs, BMW Z3 is luxuriously filled with the amenities and comforts much to the delight of every driver and passenger. Truly, BMW has that special passion for mobility and style.